» Letter writing assignment topics tips and tricks. 

Letter writing assignment topics tips and tricks. 

by Purva Jagtap
Letter writing assignment, topics, tips, and tricks.

Letter writing is taught to students from junior school to high school and sometimes through college. 

There are two types of letter writing is an umbrella term. 

  • Formal letter writing 
  • Informal letter writing 

Formal letter writing as the name suggests is formal in nature, that is, it is the kind of letter that is written to govt. officials, principal of the school, teachers, professional colleagues, newspaper editor, etc.

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Where an informal letter is written in an informal way, that is. The letter was written for a family member, a letter written to a friend, a letter written to an office acquaintance, a letter written to a lover or a life partner, etc. 

Both types of letter writing are important to be understood by students, it not only improves the personality and skills of the student but also helps them in the future when they actually need to write formal, informal letters. 

In this article, we will discuss some common letter writing topics that students can use to complete their assignments in letter writing. 

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Informal letter writing topics:

  1. Write a letter to your friend congratulating him/her on the wedding 
  2. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her how happy you are that they bought a new dog, also mention that you will be visiting them soon to meet the doggo
  3. Write a letter to your best friend, consoling him on his pet’s death, describe in detail your love for the pet 
  4. Write a letter to your friend explaining to him/her that you have found someone for yourself, and you are looking forward to getting engaged with them. 
  5. Write a letter to your mother, congratulating her on the renovation of the house, also tell her you will visit for the inauguration and you have a surprise house warming gift 
  6. Write a letter to your penfriend asking him about his whereabouts and telling him you are currently visiting the city he lives in and you want to meet him. Homework answers for letter writing can be tough.
  7. Write a letter to your mother, asking about your sister’s wedding decision, and briefly explains your relationship with your sister
  8. Write a letter to your close friend, telling him you miss him and share in brief some past memories you shared with him.
  9. Write a letter to your classmate asking him why is h not attending school for the last 7 days, express your care and love for your friend in the letter. 
  10. Write a letter to your sibling asking him/her about their life in the new city, also ask them about their plan to coming home for the holiday

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Formal letter writing topics

  1. Write a letter to the city council asking them about the construction of roads outside your home, request them to finish the work as soon as possible as it has become a daily struggle for and your family to live behind a pile of dust. 
  2. Write a letter to the nearest police station, and explains in detail, how the loud noise that comes from the house of your neighbor disturbs you and your family member, tell them that they play a sound the whole night and due to which you and your sibling can not concentrate on your studies and also can’t get enough sleep
  3. Write a letter to the municipal govt of your city, and explains to them the condition of light out happening in your area, press your point on how it is affecting small businesses in the area and how the people are struggling every day, especially at night when the weather is too hot and they have no electricity in the whole neighborhood
  4. Write a letter to your boss, asking them to grant you leave for a couple of days, apologize in advance, and explains the reason for asking for off for so many days, you can tell your boss that someone in your family is suffering from an intense chronic health condition and you need to stay with them, outside the city, make sure to not sound too assertive rather try to be sound like you’re in trouble 
  5. Write a letter to your school teacher, who hasn’t been coming to school for a few months now, ask them about their health conditions and whether or not if everything is alright, also, mention your request of wanting to visit them or see them and if that would be okay by them. 
  6. Write a letter to a new office, where you are looking for a job position, explain in detail why you think you deserve to get the job, also explains in detail about your skills that would be an extra benefit for the company, also mention where your worked earlier and why did you leave the position or why were you fired
  7. Write a letter to your principal asking for leave for about 10-15 days, state the reason for your absence, you can tell him/her you have participated in a sporting event that is happening in another city and which will require you to be absent for so many days, also mentions the request that you get to attend the examination even with low attendance, also add on that you will need the teacher’s cooperation with you
  8. Write a letter to your boss asking them about the new policy forced about the leave application forced up by the officials, press the matter that you need to take off for your maternity leave and you expect to come back, but with the new policy it is impossible, request him to take look into this matter, also mention your contribution for the company for over last 10 years. 
  9. Write a letter to the municipal office of your city describing the issue of water shortage in your area, request them to solve the issue as soon as possible, also in detail describe the problems faced by the people living and working in a nearby facility.

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