LG Confirmed T Shaped Smartphone “Wing”; Releases Teaser Video

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LG has officially confirmed that they are working on a very unique “T-Shaped” smartphone with dual screens.

Recently, LG has posted a small video on YouTube. The video affirms that the handset will be officially declared worldwide on September 14.

The primary updates on the “T” shaped Wing smartphone originated from the Korean site named ETNews. It announced an October dispatch date. The site just had a mockup of the smartphone at that point, which presently appears spot on.

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❛❛The report says the smartphone has a 6+ inch primary and 4-inch secondary smartphone, with almost 1:1 angle proportion, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G SoC.❜❜

The upper and base parts of the handset are come up with similar size, so it would seem that the plan here is that the handset should crease up into a typical cell phone shape.


Along with that, LG extended its unique Explorer venture in a launch, intended to address the various utilization of current handsets. LG said the motivation behind the venture is 0. Current users experience0 To explore and redesign.

LG also said that the “Explorer Project will concentrate exclusively on new convenience that is found with creative plans while LG’s new Universal Line will be the organization’s cast of ruthless gadgets that attention on users ways of life.”

The company is also preparing to release an efficient 5G phone in his biggest market sectors like the United States Of America and South Korea in 2020. The company is looking forward to reinforcing its unique design manufacturer.

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LG additionally working around with processor manufacturers for offering top tier experience even on reasonable devices. With that, the organization’s Mobile Communications division is dealing with improving the gainfulness of its business and getting more serious in the current market.

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