Liable Parties In A Car Accident Claim

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After an accident, it is pretty simple to say who was at fault by just looking at them. It might be both or either one of them who is responsible for the accident. But, even if the case looks easy, it might not. There are a lot of factors involved in a single-car accident, and thus, recovering compensation is not easy. 

For this reason, it is essential to hire an Atlanta motor vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident. Your lawyer will investigate the case as well as your claim and hold the at-fault driver liable for your injuries.

Liable parties in a car accident

After an accident, the victim thinks it is the fault of the other driver, and it seems pretty straightforward. But it might not be the same. Several cases like hit and run, uninsured drivers, and underinsured driver accidents can make your accident case more complex and challenging to receive compensation. Your attorney will explore your legal options and run an investigation to ensure that the responsible party is held accountable. Some of these liable parties involved in a car accident are mentioned below.

  • Vehicle manufacturer.

Many automobile companies have been recently come under fire in recent years for producing vehicles with defective parts. These defective parts resulted in numerous accidents from which people suffered severe injuries or death.

You are entitled to receive compensation through a product liability claim in you are involved in an auto accident caused by defective automobile body parts.

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  • Alcohol provider

Suppose someone goes to a bar and drinks more than they can, gets behind the steering, and causes an accident. In that case, you may assume that only the driver is held responsible for your injuries. However, they can also pursue compensation from the restaurant, bar, or other alcohol providers. This process is known as dram shop liability. In most states, the businesses that sell alcohol have the responsibility to avoid serving an intoxicated person. If any business fails to obey this responsibility and the intoxicated person hurts someone else in an accident, the social host or business will be held liable for the drunk driving accident.

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  • Government agency

Different agencies in the country are responsible for maintaining and building the roads. Negligent construction and not maintaining it properly can lead to severe accidents on the highway or any local street.

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