Maintain an attendance register through the digital way

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All businesses require some number of staff to carry out the day-to-day activities of the business. The number of staff requirements varies as per the size and nature of the business. But one common problem that all types of businesses face is how to record and keep track of the staff attendance accurately? There are many digital ways to maintain attendance register such as key card, biometric, employee attendance software, etc. Many online dukaan apps also provide a digital platform to maintain the attendance register for small and big organizations. These online apps provide a simple interface that the employees can use to mark their attendance. With these apps’ help, the managers or owners can also track the presence, absence, or leaves taken by the employees.

These are some of the digital ways to maintain the attendance register of the staff working in the organization:

Key cards: In this system, personal cards are provided to the employees to be used by them when entering and exit from the office. The cards are of different types, such as QR cards in which QR code is scanned, swipe or magnetic strip cards, and others. In this digital card system, the records of the employee’s attendance get stored daily, just like it is done in a manual attendance register. But key cards are not useful when the employees are working from remote locations through online mode.

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Biometric: It is also a digital way of marking an employees’ attendance. In this system, a scanner is used to scan the unique biometric data such as an employee’s fingerprint to identify him/her. The biometric devices can be used for remote workers also with an app and mobile devices.

Employee attendance software: The organization can develop its own employee attendance software to maintain a digital staff attendance register. This can be very useful to keep the attendance record of employees working from the office and those working from home or remote locations. This system requires the employees to check-in through their codes or passwords into the app or digital attendance register before starting their work.

There are many benefits of using the digital way of maintaining attendance register, some of that are:

  1. Accurate and time-saving: The manual ways of keeping a staff attendance register are not an effective method in today’s technology-driven business environment. There are chances of human error and manipulation, whereas digital methods are more accurate and time-saving.        
  2. Useful for employees working from remote locations: The digital way of maintaining a staff attendance register is beneficial for the organizations in which the majority of employees are working from remote locations to keep track of their working days, leave, and absence from work.
  3. Cost-effective: The digital ways require on-time installation cost and the regular maintenance cost is also not very expensive. The attendance of the employees is automatically stored in digital form, and also it can be stored for a longer time. Thus, it is a cost-effective way to maintain an electronic staff attendance register.

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Summing up

Therefore, it can be said that when all the business activities are being performed digitally, then the small but essential activity of maintaining the staff attendance register also needs a switch from the traditional method of physical attendance registers to a new digital method. The shift to the new digital way is a necessity for organizations. It also brings greater transparency and accuracy in keeping the record of employees’ details about the number of hours worked in a day, early exit, overtime hours, late entry for work, etc. Maintaining staff attendance register through digital way will be beneficial for both the workforce and the organization.