Money Heist Season 5: Tokyo to Replace the Professor in Season five!!

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Money Heist Season 5 is expected to see the gang back in action but now there is a huge twist lately. There is a theory spreading like a wildfire that Tokyo is replacing the professor in the Money heist season five.

Money heist season five has been confirmed and the Spanish show will be back with plenty more twists and turns one theory about the new season has predicted Tokyo’s narration might indicate she could replace the Professor (portrayed by Álvaro Morte).

Is Tokyo going to replace the Professor?

We all know that throughout the show so far, Tokyo (portrayed by Úrsula Corberó) has been narrating what has been happening in this series since the very first season.

She has been doing this in the past tense which has left fans wondering if she is speaking from a future point and yes this looks relatable and believable after what we have seen so far on the Spanish drama.

If she is there are a number of suggestions about what this might mean for the story and the fate of the team.

Money Heist Season 5 Theories

One most likely theory about Tokyo’s narration on the show suggests she might be telling the story of the heists to someone. This probably might be the next generation of recruits at the heist team.

This would also mean Tokyo has taken over the role of the professor in the show who so far has been behind training his recruits and how to complete heists such a replacement might also have huge implications for his future on the series.

As fans will remember Money heist season four ended with him in serious danger after Alicia Sierra had located his hideout viewers last saw him with a gun held to his head and delicious standing tall against him.

If you were to die this might explain how Tokyo could replace him in the future.

However, this is hard to believe and a Money heist without the professor doesn’t seem practical as of now on the other side. We know that anything only needs narration once it has come to an end so we know that the time from when Tokyo is narrating the series.

The show has come to an end and Tokyo is alive however it seems nowhere near the end instead it has started to become even more complex now.

Another theory says that she is telling the story in her prison cell maybe to a cellmate or an investigator looking for answers.

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Money heist season 5 | The Professor

The entry of Nairobi’s son may possible…

However, we have got the most believable point Tokyo might be telling the story to the son of Nairobi (Alba Flores) Axel Nairobi. In the final few moments of season 4, Nairobi appears to die in the arms of Helsinki. And Tokyo promised that she would give all her money to her son, Axel when he turns 18. Now she may just be keeping her promise.

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It is possible that she tells the story to him when she goes to give the money to the axel. She might be telling him the story of how and why was he getting this money.

However, it is possible that the truth about it differs from the theories. You can also check release dates and announcements of Money Heist season 5.

Money Heist series is available to stream on Netflix.