Move to another state for a better life

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Written By Berry Mathew

The number of people who use the group “Let’s move the country” has been increasing steadily in the past 2-3 days until the number of Facebook group members has reached 4.91 lakh. It is said that such a phenomenon. It’s not something that can be easily overlooked.

One opinion In the Facebook group said that “the first wave of COVID Set up a group to sell 3 waves of COVID Set up a group to move the country.”

Reflecting the despair that hundreds of thousands of people have for this country.

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The reason is that “You want to have a good quality of life.”

One opinion of one of the Facebook group members, “Let’s move the country,” reflects the opinion of the group’s origin. To be a database for interested people as well when one-day speech that many adults in society That is often quoted to threaten the new generation that “if not satisfied, move out of the country” especially with the opinions of Thai adults abroad, who often say that “Thailand is the best,” but the speaker did not return come to live in Thailand until today The youth of the nation “Seriously.”

“You want to live abroad” seems not a new idea for many Thai people. But that’s multiplying now probably won’t be out of government management problems in solving the Covid-19 problem, especially with slow vaccine imports that don’t prevent problems at the root cause or bringing patients into the treatment system that is slow even made many families Losing the life of a loved one. It became more and more what happened to anyone in society. It does not include the stagnant economic condition from issuing measures to prevent the spread that causes businesses to shut down. And it does not include images of political awkwardness like the constitutional amendment that seems to have reached a dead end with a 20-year national strategy that is not planned to keep up with the world, especially with the claim for rights and various liberties but was subjected to violence by the state to suppress make him feel No one could hear his voice.

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In the small picture, the new generation, both middle school, and working people. Still disappointed with the social condition that stems from structural problems. When the cost of living rises against the minimum wage, the hardships of workers and farmers complex education system, even if it rains, floods, roads are broken without repairs traffic jams due to poor transportation system and safety in life included in the thinking of the new generation that If everyone pays taxes Why are all people’s problems not solved?

Especially when the Internet giving us access to information the possibility of the world, it makes the new generation it’s not just comparative data but looking for a solution for himself on the day I was looking at the “Future Wireless” is not uncommon for a child. I would like to see a better quality of life.