How To Start Network Marketing Business – Business Plan, Advantages, Skills, Procedure

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How To Start Network Marketing Business – Network Marketing Plan

Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) started in India in around 1960 and 1970. This marketing scheme used to offer only small savings schemes with a large return such as Chit funds.

Apart from this, other schemes enroll their members in stainless steel, jewelry, etc. But a few months after the arrival of these schemes, these schemes failed quite badly. Also, at that time Indians did not even have much money to invest in these schemes.

The concept of network marketing business is new in India but it is old in the world outside. The concept of network marketing was first started by a company named Avon which was created in 1886 in New York and it sells fragrances and beauty products for women.

Even today, many people are afraid of the idea of network marketing but they do not see the real opportunity and profit behind it. So let’s know the network marketing business plan.

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What Is Network Marketing?

Network marketing means very basic, which is the marketing of a product, promotion, or selling with the help of a network. In this case, the network is made up of people. This network has no limit.

In this, your family members, friends, servants, neighbors, colleagues and anyone else can join. The more people in a network, the more will be the profit of you and the company.

Network marketing programs have very little upfront investment or investment which is used to buy more stuff products or sample kits. Network marketing consists of two things the first product’s sales and the second to recruit new sales representatives. That’s where we can find out the difference between a pyramid scheme and a network marketing scheme. The network which focuses more on the recruitment of sales reprints is a pyramid scheme played.

Advantages Of Network Marketing

  1. It’s a business that anyone can do part-time as well.
  2. This is a business investment where people can earn more than their full-time jobs.
  3. Network marketing provides students, housewives, retired people a chance in life to earn good money.
  4. This business can also start investing very little and sometimes investing 0 money.
  5. There is no need for any infrastructure in this business.
  6. No academic qualification required.

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Degree/Skills For Network Marketing

As we have read earlier that network marketing business does not require any degree or unique qualification. You can be from any field like engineering, medical, fashion, mass media, or any field.

Even today, a lot of people think that it is very important to be a good salesman to make a good network marketer but in reality, the thing is something else. To be a good network marketer, it is necessary to have good communication skills than sales.

You must know to share your products related experiences and stories with others with which he will also be attracted to that product and purchase it.

Coming up with a creative and compelling business name is a very difficult task. On top of this many great business name ideas are already taken. A business name generator can help a great deal with this challenging task. For more information, consider this business name generator.

Network Marketing Procedure

In India, the network marketing system is quite simple and it is also very simple to understand and make others understand.

Once you enroll with a network marketing company, you become their associate. This doesn’t mean you’re representing that company, but it happens that you’re looking forward to the products of that company. This simply means that you buy the products from the company and sell them further. That means the difference between your buying and selling price from the company to your customer is different. The middle price will be your profit.

Apart from this, you can recruit other marketers for your company besides yourself to earn more profits.

In addition, sometimes these new recruits or employees also charge an entrance fee, and some part of this entrance fee is given to those who recruited them.

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