Never Underestimate The Influence Of Digital Staging

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Written By Berry Mathew

Life has changed in many ways since digital technology. Digital Staging in the real estate market is one such example. It has become the magic wand of selling a property because you’re no longer limited to the current reality. Instead, you can create future visions and make dreams come true with the click of a few buttons. Clearly, there’s a lot more clever technical stuff but this is why you work with a virtual staging company. In fact, you can view more about the type of portfolio and quality of photos you can expect from one of the best companies out there. This award-winning team doesn’t just limit itself to having technical know-how though because it also has decades of interior design experience. Even with digital technology, we still need our human creativity and expertise to be truly exceptional. 

Digital Staging influences Buyer Decisions 

Virtual staging makes everyone’s lives easier. The main example of this is when buyers are trying to make decisions, as explained below: 

  • Helps them visualize possibilities
  • Transforms a soulless room into a welcoming home 

Helps them visualize possibilities

Decisions can be tough if we can’t picture what our new reality is going to look like. Buyers often get stuck when they try to imagine a particular piece of furniture fitting into that alcove. This is where virtual staging is so brilliant. You can easily create bespoke staged photos with your potential buyer’s furniture and design style. Of course, you don’t want to do that for everyone but your real estate agent has years of experience to see when someone is close to making that final decision. In fact, this is why real estate agents love using virtual staging software because it essentially makes their job easier.

Transforms a soulless room into a welcoming home 

A vacant house can look quite eerie and bizarrely small. On the flip side, a fully furnished room looks so much more appealing. People then almost want to step into the staged photos and be in that room. Again, this helps them make final decisions more easily because you’re creating an emotional link thanks to your images rather than just relying on the photo of an empty room. Virtual home staging also means that you can rearrange floor plans. Regardless, we generally find it much easier to process photos because they’re visually appealing and if they match our tastes and design styles then you’ll be sure to influence the process in the right direction. 

Potential Results from Digital Staging 

  • Increased sales
  • Faster time-to-sell 

Increased sales

Virtual staging doesn’t just help buyers make decisions. In fact, staged photos can increase selling prices by up to 20%. Of course, this will also depend on market trends and what type of area your property is in. Nevertheless, because you’ve created that emotional link through your staged photos, people are more willing to spend more. 

Faster time-to-sell 

All of this adds up to faster selling rates. There is now a multitude of examples where properties have overstayed their time on listings by weeks. As soon as some virtually staged photos were created then they were sold within a short space of time. Overall, these photos make properties look professional and at their best. 

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Benefits of Digital Staging over Physical Staging 

Naturally, you might be wondering why you shouldn’t go for physical staging with real furniture. The first thing to note is that you don’t have to worry that the photos won’t look real because the technology does that for you. Furthermore, buyers don’t mind virtual staging and they actually find it useful. Many listing photos state that they are virtually staged. Actually, people are quite happy with that and they still appreciate having the visual. Overall, they like the tool because it helps them evaluate their options more easily. 

Moreover, there are two other key differences that might help you with your final decision, as described below: 

  • Faster turnaround times 
  • More Cost-effective 

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Faster turnaround times 

As you can imagine, physical staging involves the logistics of getting furniture from one place to another which takes time. On the other hand, virtual staging is done within 1 to 2 days and some virtual staging parties even have an express service should you need it. The best part though is the flexibility virtual staging offers. You can actually have staged photos with different design styles for other listings, ranging from recent to traditional. 

More Cost-effective 

The best part of virtual staging is that it’s highly cost-effective. You can expect to pay an average price per image in the tens of dollars. Some virtual staging companies go up in price, but this all pales in comparison to the number of dollars you’ll need for physical staging. Clearly though, when it comes to the best virtual staging outputs, you’ll need to find a reputable staging company with a strong track record and an exceptional portfolio of staged photos.

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Parting Words on How Digital Staging Makes an Impact 

Studies now prove the power of staging a home. Whether this is through physical or virtual means almost doesn’t matter when it comes to the outcome of selling for higher prices more quickly. Nevertheless, don’t underestimate how flexible and quick that digital staging offers you as well as the extra advice you get from the team. Finally, all this for merely a fraction of the cost. You would be crazy not to give it a go.