PDFBear: A Great Tool for Students Taking Online Classes

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Written By Berry Mathew

Everything has gone online nowadays. Most schools and offices continued their operations online because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Studying or working from home is the best way to stay safe and avoid contact with a lot of people. Hence, this also lessens the spread of the virus.

As a student studying at home, it’s not easy to adjust quickly to changes. But thankfully, we have the internet and technology to help us with our tasks. Online classes are very manageable as long as you have the right tools. And since almost all documents and modules have gone paperless or digital, you need a great tool to maximize files. In this article, get to know PDFBear, a great tool for your online class needs. Keep reading to learn more!

Get to know PDFBear

PDFBear is basically an online SaaS or software as a service tool for all your document needs. Whether it’s converting PDF to PPT, adding page numbers, merging PDFs, and so on and so forth, it has it all. Everything you’ll ever need to maximize your files is here. And you can use it on any web browser and device of your choice. Just make sure you’re properly connected to the internet and you’re good to go!

Their website is easy-to-use and navigable. You won’t have a hard time looking for the tools and features you need because everything is laid out neatly. And all you have to do is upload the file you want to modify and choose the right feature to edit it. In just two minutes, a new file is ready. You can now quickly download the file to your device or share it with others. It’s as simple as that!

PDFBear requires no prior registrations or subscriptions to using their services. You can use it immediately without the need to pay or register unlike other websites. What’s more is that all your files are safe since their website deletes all files from their after an hour of upload. So, no worries.

3 awesome PDFBear features for your online class needs

  • PDF to PPT

Thanks to the help of online video calling platforms, lectures can easily be done. Reporting is easy with screen share capabilities of video calling platforms. So, PowerPoint slideshows are still very prominent in this age. But if you need to make slideshows from PDF files, how can it be done? If your first option is to just copy and paste everything manually to a new slideshow presentation, then spare yourself the hassle. PDFBear has a PDF to PPT feature which allows you to easily turn your PDFs to PowerPoints easily. Making slideshows has never been quicker or easier!

  • Number Pages

Surely, you’ve come across long readings and modules in PDF. The problem with some PDF files is that they’re not numbered. With the Number Pages feature of PDFBear, you can easily add page numbers to your file and choose where to place them. You can even suggest this to your teacher or professor so that looking for specific parts of a module or reading is easy. Browsing through pages has now been made easy thanks to this awesome feature.

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  • Merge PDF

You can still work in teams when studying at home. Since communication has become much easier nowadays, you can talk to your teammates or group mates for your projects. But when submitting your projects in PDF files, it’s best to spare yourself, your teammates, and your teacher from the hassle by merging everything together. The Merge PDF feature will surely help you in combining everything together quickly and easily.

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It’s a digital world!

Today, we live in a world centered on technology. It may be hard to adjust at first, but with awesome tools like PDFBear, we can maximize our workload and make everything more efficient. We need to learn how to make the most out of what we have and take advantage of it because they’re there for a reason.

PDFBear is one of the greatest tools to help you in your online class needs. We’ve only shared with you three features for your tasks and projects, but when you visit their website, you’ll find more! Go to their website and see all the awesome tools and features you can use to make your work easy and manage your tasks efficiently. They offer their services for free, but if you need to edit or convert more than a handful of files at one time, then you can avail their Premium offer. You’ll surely get a ton of use from their Premium services, not just for school, but also for other things. If you’re living with parents or siblings who are also working from home, you can make use of their Premium services for business and corporate needs. Try it out for yourself today!