Positivity About School at Home

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Written By Berry Mathew

Home is considered as the first school and parents are considered as the first tutors of the child’s initial days. Therefore, a child can get an impressive impact on his/her attitude to learning and to the school. Children follow their parents in many cases like behaviour, language, physical movements and also in intellectuality. There are many means and ways present today for learning and enhancing the knowledge level of the students. Apart from bookish knowledge students have opted online learning as their mentor and guide which is providing them ample amount of knowledge and information regarding their curriculum and syllabus. Earlier students were not aware of Institute ERP full form & LMS advantages and today due to online education students are not only aware of ERP full form & LMS advantages but also enjoying using them. Apart from these students should have some positivity about their schools also. Because after all their schools are those places where students gain a lot of things from lifelong knowledge and information.

 Now among all these things students should have positivity about their schools also for which their parents are responsible to teach them about it. Positivity or negativity about the school’s image in student’s perception completely depends upon how parents of the students interact with their schools at home. Children notice their parent’s conversation with people at their school and according to that they make their own perception and behave accordingly in the school. That is why it is said that it doesn’t matter that as a parent you disagree on some points with your child’s school management, still you should promote learning and education in front of your kid. As a parent you need to talk positively about your child’s school in general and in front of the kids because you should be concerned about the education and learning of your kid which you can also take care of. As an educated and experienced elder person in the child’s life you need to make your child understand that school is that destination which provides the path of learning and knowledge which brings success and stability in the life further.

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Some parents can usually be seen eavesdropping about the teachers and their teaching methodology. But this is wrong, parents must see the side of the teachers also and instead of making perceptions about them in air they should work with them mutually in delivering education to their child. Teacher-parent coordination is usually very rare to see but this combination is awesome for child’s learning. Parents should support the tutor of the child in delivering education to the child. Parents and tutors should work with each other as partners to guide the child for his/her learning. Parents need to discuss the attributes and aspects of their child’s personality and way of thinking and take learning at home so that the teacher can plan methodology for teaching the child accordingly so that child should not get tangled in subjects finding himself/herself unable to cope up with. It is also the responsibility of parents to make their child understand about the efforts and hard work his/her tutors do to make them understand the tough lessons in the easiest way. Children should be made to understand the value of teaching in their academic life, by their parents in layman language. 

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Just giving lectures is not enough so parents need to set an example in front of their children because children follow and imitate each and everything they see their parents do and talk about. Hence parents need to always talk positively about learning and education. Parents should put themselves in examples and elucidate the importance of learning and school along with how much fun it becomes to learn in school along with peers and supportive teachers who solve all the queries and guide the correct path whenever needed. As parents you are the best friend of your child who he or she trusts the most. So, it is necessary that you share your experiences with your child about learning, about your mistakes and how you learned your lesson from those mistakes. Let them know how patiently you worked hard to correct your mistakes and achieved good results. Most importantly, elucidate your child how often you use the learning of your school time in your daily life.