Pros and cons of colorful sling bag for kids

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Written By Berry Mathew

If you look for a compact and comfortable-to-wear bag for kids, a sling bag is an option that deserves your attention. The bag is the preferred choice of many children given its simplicity and ease of use. At the same time, it has a few disadvantages. Take a look at the lists of pros and cons below to decide whether or not this bag is worth a try and satisfies the needs of your child.


1. Simplicity

Colorful sling bags for kids have a simple design, yet excellently serve the children’s needs of carrying their stuff. The bags aren’t meant to make a fashion statement, but they are a perfect option for casual trips and activities. Their casual design makes them a great addition to kids’ day to day and sporting outfits. You can choose from a wide selection of colors to provide the child’s outfit with a touch of vibrancy and liveliness.

2. Easy to use

Sling bags are widely praised for their simple yet smart design that allows children to handle them without effort. They are even easier to handle than backpacks that have two strings and require the wearer to do some hand movements to put the bag on and take it off. Things are much easier when it comes to a sling bag, as it has only one string that is flexibly attached to the wearer’s body in different ways. Whether the kids choose to put the bag across the back or across the torso, in either way they will find it incredibly easy to remove the bag.

3. Versatile

Another reason for the sling bag’s popularity is its versatility. The simple design allows for two ways of wearing it: across the torso and across the back. The wearer even has the opportunity to choose over which shoulder to wear the strap. It may be an immense advantage for kids who have one of the shoulders injured, so they can wear the bag over the second shoulder, avoiding putting pressure on the ill one.

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1. Limited storage space

Like any other product, colorful sling bags for kids have their cons. One of them is the small storage room. Well, you can fit the child’s basic school supplies, a tablet and some snacks, but when it comes to bulky and heavy items, like sports equipment, you are good to opt for a larger bag. But even if you manage to force a heavy item inside the bag, keep in mind that the bag has only one strap – which can tear off under item’s weight – and is worn only on one shoulder, unlike a two-strap backpack that distributes the weight on both shoulders.

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2. Aching shoulder

Some items that fit inside a sling bag, like textbooks or water bottles, can cause discomfort and pain to the wearer’s shoulder. An advice for you would be to try to minimise the load to make sure the child can handle the weight. However, if you can’t do this, you should kindly advise your kid to switch the bag from one should to another from time to time.