Protect your Outdoor Furniture with Good Covers

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Outdoor furniture covers may help you preserve your premium patio or garden furniture’s quality and integrity. Most of the time, these are left open outside by being exposed to various environmental elements harmful to your furniture. In the long, run if you do not take care of your outdoor furniture well, these may deteriorate and end up in landfills soon.

Outdoor furniture covers can act as the first line of defense against any wear and tear to your outdoor furniture, which is not being used. Environmental elements like heat, light, and moisture can expedite the deterioration and structural integrity of the material used to make your furniture as wood, metal, plastic, etc. A good furniture cover will help maintain the shine and extend your investment life and keep your outdoor furniture in good shape for many decades.

Various types of outdoor furniture covers

The best-fitting furniture covers will guarantee proper protection of your outdoor furniture, including those bulky pieces like sofas, chairs, lawn chairs, lounges, etc. It is ideal to use chair covers and table covers wholesale for your outdoor parties and occasions, or get the manufacturer recommended furniture covers which can protect your furniture from all harmful elements. As a general rule of thumb, having proper measurements will help you determine your furniture cover’s right size. Here are some tips for proper furniture measurement.

  • Measuring seating
  • Width – Measure for furniture covers the total right to the left distance across the width of your seating surface, including the arms.
  • Height – Measure the topmost portion through the back of the seat to the ground for determining the depth.
  • Length – Start the measurement from one side, across the edge of the leg to the rest of the back and edge of the seat.
  • Measuring tables
  • Width – Measure right to left from the far end by covering the tabletop through the other end.
  • Height – Measure from the topmost point of the table to the ground.
  • Length – Measure the entire distance from edge to edge of a tabletop.

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Various features for furniture covers

  • Water repellent – Humidity and moisture can cause precipitation which will be destructive to your furniture. This is why it is important to get high-quality furniture covers that are water repellent. It will help if you look for furniture covers that are made of water repellent fabrics to ensure superior performance.
  • Air vents – To protect against moisture accumulation inside the cover, furniture covers may also feature ventilation. Top-quality furniture covers are made of breathable material, which is also UV treated to protect against intensive sun rays. With proper ventilation, you can avoid building up of mold and mildew too.
  • Reinforced seams that you should look for double-stitched seams, which will help protect against tearing and ripping off outdoor furniture covers. Premium furniture covers may have seen stream reinforcement to make sure the protection.

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Along with these, you may also look for covers with secured fastening options to ensure proper fixation of the cover onto the furniture. For this, consider elastic edging, Velcro strips, reinforced ties, etc.