Reasons to Choose a Nile River Cruise

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When it comes to learning about Egypt’s pharaohs, a Nile river cruise is an excellent way to get up and personal with the mysteries of the pharaohs. A cruise down the Nile, starting in Cairo and ending in either Luxor or Aswan, is an exhilarating journey of discovery. Listed below are ten reasons why you should book a Nile river trip for yourself.

Taking a Nile River Cruise Is Like Visiting a Timewarp.

If you’ve been enthralled by historical accounts in books and on television, it’s time to visit Egypt and see for yourself. Traveling along the Nile River Cruise brings you back in time to the period of the pharaohs as well as the year when archaeologist Howard Carter made one of the world’s most important discoveries or even that historic day when Aswan’s High Dam was finished. A professional tour manager is available on all Nile river cruises, and their knowledge enhances your Egyptian vacation experience.

Your Bucket List Can Include a Visit to the Pyramids.

As a traveler, you’ve probably jotted down “Take a shot of the Pyramids” on your list of things to see and do while on vacation in Egypt, and you’re not alone. Seeing the three Great Pyramids for the first time is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nile River Cruise departing from Cairo include a stop at Giza, where you may marvel at the 4,500-year-old royal mausoleums built by the Pharaohs.

When you see Tutankhamun’s Golden Mask, you’ll be in awe.

The Pharaoh’s pure gold funerary mask, which is on exhibit in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum, is a highlight of each Nile voyage, and it takes your breath away when you see it. The king’s gold inner casket and the mask, inlaid with lapis lazuli and quartz, are only two of the museum’s tens of thousands of artifacts. Tutankhamun’s tomb contained an astounding 5,398 artifacts, and it took a team of researchers 10 years to thoroughly analyze, photograph, and categorize them all.

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A Nile Cruise Is a Journey Towards Personal Growth.

The Valley of the Kings on Luxor’s West Bank is a must-see if you’re interested in Howard Carter’s discovery of the century and want to see where the archaeologist was excavating back in 1922. This pharaoh’s burial site is a major draw for cruises on the Nile in Egypt, and with good reason. This place is a treasure trove of creative splendor. Learn about the relevance of these tombs by looking at the beautiful murals and hieroglyphics, as well as trying to appreciate the historical significance of these tombs.

You Should Have Respect For Royalty’s Rulers

Your understanding of Egypt’s rulers and queens will greatly increase while on a Nile River Cruise, regardless matter whether it is Queen Hatshepsut or Ramses II and his wife Nefertari. Abu Simbel’s grandiose structures, which stand beside brilliant colonnaded temples and towering sculptures, provide witness to an ancient civilization that held its pharaohs in the highest regard. There are only two times each year when the sun can light up Abu Simbel’s main temple: during Ramses II’s birthday and his coronation.

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