Replacing Windows In A Mobile Home

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Written By Berry Mathew

Americans increasingly prefer mobile homes. These are not the usual trailers, which do not have any amenities – it is a real house with several rooms, equipped with a bathroom and a place for cooking. Quality windows are highly energy efficient, so every room is warm regardless of the season.

Mobile home replacement windows is a procedure that is no less popular than the replacement of insulated glass unit in a stationary home. It is due to the great financial benefits – the need for energy consumption is reduced, the house is less cooled in winter and heated in summer.

Types of window structures for mobile home

The most popular windows for such houses have different designs. They can be:

  1. Slider windows. They have vertical or horizontal placement. If a vertical unit is chosen, the sashes move vertically, while the horizontal unit – in two sides on special guides.
  2. Single or double casement windows. If the main goal is to reduce energy costs, this kind of glass unit is most suitable. Double glass will help to keep heat and reduce the entry of UV rays inside the premises.
  3. Awnings. Such windows can be compared to blinds: large panels of glass move with a mechanism on bearings. They open towards the street side and are characterized by excellent functionality.
  4. Window blinds. After installing such a glass unit in your house, there will be a model of glass panels of rectangular shape. They are activated by a special handle. If you live in a region where winds often blow, it is better to settle for another option – this one has insufficient sealing.

Mobile homes most often have a single insulated glass unit, so owners try to choose a more functional model that will provide sufficient protection from draughts and bad weather. The best option is replacement windows with double glazing.

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How to replace the insulating glass unit

The process for replacing windows in a standard and mobile home is different. Insulating glass units for mobile homes come in standard sizes, so they do not require much effort for installation. Difficulties appear if the owners want to install non-standard windows or convert them to another opening system. In this case, you can’t do without the help of a professional.

The stages of re-installation of the insulating glass unit are the following:

  1. Disassembly of the old window. The easiest option is to remove the screws that hold the window in the frame. But if a special tile is put on top, it should be removed to get to the screws.
  2. Performing measurements. The more accurate measurements will be made, the easier it will be to mount the new window. If the opening is non-standard, you can order a model with smaller dimensions.
  3. Cleaning the window opening. Before installation, it is important to make sure that there is no sealant, glue, debris, or other elements left on the place of the future window frame that can break the sealing of the new insulating glass unit.
  4. Repair work. The final step will be to seal the window, install the siding.

After installing the new window, make sure it fully performs its functions, the fittings work well, and there is no difficulty in opening the sashes. You will notice a difference compared to the old window at the first cold snap – you will keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Wind, rain or snow in the street will not disturb your peace of mind any more, you will be able to cozy up on the sofa and enjoy your household chores in warmth and comfort.

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The cost of window replacement work

Mobile home replacement windows seem to be expenses only, not an investment. But when it’s time to check your heating and electric bills, the difference is enormous. A new insulated glass unit can save you a lot of money, so a replacement window is an excellent investment.

If you want to install a model with a vinyl frame, the check will be up to $300. There are also more budget-friendly models that can be found at any window company. In this case, pay attention to the region – if you have to order delivery, you can forget about the benefit.

Standard-sized windows have a fixed cost. If you want to increase the opening for the insulating glass unit or, on the contrary, make it a little smaller, the cost of work to make a new model will be higher. Reconstruction of the window opening made by professionals is also fixed in the check. To avoid unnecessary costs, consult with the manager of the company with which you plan to cooperate. They will help you choose the best offer and perform all the necessary preparatory work.

How to choose a contractor?

Many owners prefer to do all the repair work in the house on their own. But in some cases, hiring a qualified worker is not only a way to save time, but also money. He will help you make a preliminary assessment, measure the windows, choose a model of new insulating glass unit and the materials from which it will be made.

To avoid wasting time looking for contractors, contact the company HomeQuote. It is easy to find specialists on the site that are near you. The best professionals will be able to get to work in the shortest possible time, offering the best conditions for cooperation. It is enough to leave a request on the site, and the specialists themselves will contact you. Study the incoming offers and choose the contractor who will replace the windows in your mobile home quickly and efficiently!