Reviewing the role of HOA management companies in Flagstaff

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If you own a property that’s managed by the homeowners’ association, you probably enjoy a wide range of benefits associated with community living. HOAs in Flagstaff are often managed by residents, who double up as board members of the association. In recent years, many homeowners’ associations are opting to outsource property management to professional services, mostly to upgrade the quality of work. What’s the role of Flagstaff HOA management companies? Here is an overview of the key aspects. 

HOAs are different in many ways 

Smaller communities with a limited number of properties probably don’t have as many concerns as bigger HOAs. Before choosing professional HOA management, it is important to appreciate the needs and demands of each HOA could be extremely different. HOA management companies know this fact and offer services that are essential and in sync with the needs of the association. In other words, there is no one-package-for-all approach here. 

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Common services provided by HOA management companies 

  1. Accounting and finance. Running a homeowners’ association is no easy task. Often the biggest concerns are related to finances. From day-to-day bookkeeping and making annual financial statements to collecting dues and making payments on time, a professional property management company can do it all. For bigger HOAs, the company may even assign a dedicated accounts manager. 
  2. CC&R enforcement. When resident board members try to enforce CC&R, disorder is more likely. An HOA management company can encourage and implement the rules and regulations of the association more effectively. If some residents refuse to listen, the team can impose fines and penalties too. 
  3. Maintenance. Property maintenance is one of the key things that HOA management services do for clients. These companies work with multiple HOAs and have their own list of trusted contractors, vendors, and services, which can be used for a client when needed. The property management company is also in charge of maintaining common areas, pools, parks, clubhouses, and fitness centers. 

If a community is large enough with a considerable workload, the HOA management company can also assign a dedicated manager to take care of the regular needs. From taking resident complaints and fixing common repairs, the company can do it all. This could be a huge relief for the board members, who otherwise would have to handle everything at once. By engaging professional companies, they can have the time to focus on things that truly matter to the community and the HOA. You can find HOA management companies in Flagstaff through an online search. 

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