Meet Rob Cheng (CEO of PC Pitstop): How he built an Online Million-dollar company

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Rob Cheng has more than 30 years of experience in advertising, sales, and support in the IT computer industry. Preceding establishing PC Pitstop in 1999, Rob was the SVP of Gateway Computer driving deals, showcasing, and support around the world.

He began working in Texas Instruments for sales, marketing, and support in Latin America.

Rob cheng also holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Cornell University (USA) and an MBA in finance from the University of Texas.

Rob Cheng’s early life

Rob Cheng was born in New York City of the United States of America. At the point when he was just 2 years of age, his parents moved with him to the Washington DC territory. His dad was an analyst and his mother was a Software Engineer on a programming based company.

He experienced childhood in Bowie, Maryland, and moved on from Bowie Senior High School. Were he did well indeed. Around then, there were a thousand children in his senior class.

He generally imagined that he graduated at number four. He had consistently been awesome at mathematics.

From that point, Rob cheng went to Cornell University where he got a degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering. He had an internship with Xerox. That was his first working experience. He likewise worked for the Federal Government for one summer. But for satisfaction, he left that job.

Rob Cheng said in an interview that “It was a really good experience to be an engineer. I had 6 or 7 offers for employment. The one that I picked was in Austin, Texas with Texas Instruments’ Data Systems Group. I have consistently loved PCs.”

Rob Cheng – CEO of PC Pitstop (PC Matic)

Worked at Texas Instruments for experience

After he left the job at Texas Instruments joined in the profession of Material Requirements planning things.

That job was good enough for him as it’s international as well as it enables him to deals with all their international auxiliaries. For the company, Rob Cheng was managing every one of these individuals in the world like Europe, UAE, and other Asian countries as well.

Rob Cheng was attempting to make sense of what their parts necessities would be so when they required it, the parts would be there.

Since he had a Cornell Univerisity degree, the company consequently put him into the executives. At that time he was just 22 years old and about 26 employees were used to work under him. He learned rapidly how to manage workers and deal with international customers.

Then he chose to complete his MBA program at the University of Texas because earlier he left it for 1 semester.

After giving to much efforts for the company and learning all the things, Cheng got promotion in the company.

After advancement, he begins overseeing Latin American Customers principally. He went all through that whole region of Latin. He figured out how to communicate in Spanish. One of our wholesalers began making peripherals and extra items for the Texas Instruments PC.

Between this Rob Cheng met a person in South Dakota. His name is Ted Waitt. Ted had an organization that was selling into the reseller’s exchange for TI PC’s. He called the organization TI PC Network.

That was a life turning point for him.

Also worked with Gateway Computers

He became acquainted with Ted very well all through that timeframe. They became very good friends. Something else that happened that was exceptionally fascinating was that Texas Instruments chose to proceed to stop the creation of the PC.

Then they decided to become companions with individuals in Dallas. That made plenty of issues for our IT in light of the fact that the whole organization depended on the TI PC. They’ve composed a great deal of custom programming.

Rob’s friend Ted had begun this another company named Gateway Computers. He had this program where you could proceed to exchange your Texas Instruments PCs for a Gateway PC. It was working incredibly.

Boss helped to set up the company

In this period of time, he got to learn many things then the time came in 1999. He left Gateway computers. One of his business owners left the company. The owner’s name is Rick Snyder (President of Gateway). He had begun a funding firm.

Cheng was helping him deal with a portion of these organizations that he had put resources into. He checked out one of them. I had this light second and stated, “Imagine a scenario in which we went online”.

In those days, Computers were exceptionally moderate. Windows 98 was very popular in those days. It had a lot of issues with it. From that point forward, Microsoft came out with Windows ME. That had significantly more issues with it.

This was the beginning of the online revolution. Imagine a scenario in which we made an online place where users could analyze their PC issues. He showed that to Rick. Then Rick helped him to set up this organization called PC Pitstop.

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PC Pitstop Revenue

PC Pitstop had generated revenue of $16.3 Million in the year 2018. The company has no debt and the company is expecting somewhere in the range of 15% and 20% development this year.

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What is PC Matic?

PC Pitstop makes a few products such as PC Matic, PC Magnum, Optimize, Driver Alert, and Disk MD.

PC Matic’s crucial to keep propelling the Cyber Security industry, giving driving security solutions for each vertical that are moderate and simple to utilize.

PC Matic at Cyber Security Summit 2019

SC Cyber Security Summit 2019 has been held in Greenville South Carolina of the USA. Rob Chang CEO and founder of PC Matic was also presented over there. The conference put on by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce. There he gave the keynote address and he mainly talked about the rise of ransomware.


Who Makes PC Matic?

PC Matic Inc. is a private company. Rob Cheng, founder and CEO, is the only investor in the firm.

What Is PC Matic Lifetime?

The PC Matic Home Security lifetime deal is $150, meaning you pay a one-off fee and have access to the software for life. So you’ll never need to purchase another internet security suite (so long as you’re happy with the features).

Is PC Matic A Chinese Company?

USA. PC Matic is the only security software company that does not outsource to another country. We are proud to be an American company.

How Much Is Rob Chang Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Robby Sai Kit Chang is at least $86.1 Thousand dollars as of 30 January 2023.

What Happened To PC Pitstop?

The efforts will bring together the cutting-edge resources of both companies, will retire the PC Pitstop brand, and will realign all PC Pitstop personnel, support and products to PC Matic, Inc.