Sahoo  Movie Review: Prabhas film is Filled with Action Sequences

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Sahoo Movie Review: Critics Rating: 3 star. Saaho is an ambitious project which relies on special effects. Saaho, starring Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor, Jackie Shroff and Chunky Panday among others.


Sahoo Movie Review: Prabhas film is Filled with Action Sequences

Following two years, Prabhas is at last back at the Cinema with the Greatest Indian film of the year – Saaho. This movie directed by Sujeeth. The film was really taking shape for as far back as two years. The film Sahoo released in India with five different languages – Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, and Malayalam.

Saaho has been making all the correct publicity since the arrival of its movie trailer. A couple of days back, Umair Sandhi, who is from UAE censor board, showered acclaim on the film Sahoo. He said that the film will be a treat to any individual who adores the class of masala films.

Sahoo Movie Review

In general, the Review of this movie is good, yet Director Sujeeth takes you through a labyrinth of wanders aimlessly before he arrives – none of them locks in. The movie trailer created a hipe that its gonna be India’s greatest action thrilling movie but Saaho gets into the action mode really at an early stage.

The movie starts with mark wide angles of big structures and serious looking men who mean genuine business. Before the interval, the film heads out through urban areas attempting to interface high stake burglaries in Mumbai and the quest for a missing Black Box that holds the way to a fortune.

Be that as it may, when the “interval appears” moves around. You sort of definitely know where this is going. Thanks to on-the-nose dialogues.

After that, there is Prabhas, With the entry so unpretentious it rapidly takes a turn, it prompting an unruly, high-octane battle scene that makes way for some increasingly such clash. While he fits the bill nicely for the overwhelming job. His dialogues conveyance is intentionally moderate, practically like a lazy. Be that as it may, the manner in which his character unfolds keeps the watcher speculating.

Shraddha Kapoor looks attractive yet conveys a dormant and bland performance for a character that is ineffectively portrayed. She is presented as an Extreme Talking Cop. It doesn’t take some time before she is transformed into a maiden in-trouble who frequently needs saving.

The chemistry between the lead pair is tricky with even the advertised up “romantic battle scene” is also not working totally.

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Like all the Villains, Chunkey Pandey stands apart with an extremely persuading portrayal regarding his character – Devraj. The rest, regardless of being a foolish artist. Some way or another appear to be insignificant exaggerations who neglect to have an effect. The way Mandira Bedi’s character portrayed is just funny.

The second half of the film grabs pace however is defaced by a powerless account that requirements consistent suspension of doubt. The advertised up VFX effects and CGI to need artfulness for a film mounted on such an amazing scale.

Sujeeth endeavors at a potboiler that flames in all ways to engage the group of viewers.


Saaho is tried to reevaluating a story as old as time if just the various ‘blasts’ figured out how to arrive. Saaho without a doubt conveys well as an action quasi-fictional drama with a peak that efforts to make up for its numerous blemishes.

This film has been released, you can watch it in your nearest cinema theaters.

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