Should You Get CBD Oil for Your Dogs?

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If you have a dog, then you are already aware of the huge responsibility that comes with adding this pet to your family. Nevertheless, I am sure that the responsibilities aren’t a burden to you, since you most definitely love your canine and want to keep it happy and healthy at all times. The obligations you will have once you get a dog are a small price to pay for the unconditional love and devotion that you will actually get from this animal. Dogs are actually thought to be the best pets in the whole wide world and here is why.

While I am sure that you are doing everything you can to keep your canine healthy, there is one thing for sure. You are probably constantly trying to find ways to do more. You take care of its nutrition and exercising needs and you most definitely love the creature to the moon, but that isn’t stopping you from worrying about whether you can do more for its general health and happiness. After all, that’s how every responsible owner thinks and I am sure that you are no different.

Since you are always trying to find ways to do more for your dog’s health, I am certain that you have come across a few supplements that might be good for your animal by now. One of those supplements has to be CBD oil, since this product has become so popular that there is no way you haven’t heard about it yet. Still, just because you have heard about it, it doesn’t mean that you have immediately jumped on board and started giving it to your pet.

As every other responsible owner, you first want to research the product, so as to figure out whether buying it and giving it to your animal is actually a good idea. It’s perfectly normal for you to be a little bit hesitant. I suppose you wouldn’t give anything to your canine before doing proper research and CBD oil is certainly not an exception to that rule. So, why don’t you start doing that research right away? Keep reading to get properly informed about this specific supplement and then decide whether you want to get it for your dog or not.

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When you first come across CBD oil for animals, you will probably be curious about what it actually is and how it is made. Well, if you take just a quick look at the Pet Hemp Company products for dogs, the first thing you will understand is that these are made from a plant called hemp, which comes from the cannabis family. Emphasizing that these products are made from hemp is rather important and let me explain the reason why.

Unlike certain other plants from this family, the hemp plant is known to have an extremely small amount of THC, which is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. In fact, it contains less than 0.3% of this substance, which basically means that nobody can get high on those. I am sure that you understand why giving THC to canines is never a good idea and that’s probably one of the biggest concerns that you might have with CBD oil products for dogs.

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Well, let me assure you that there is no reason to worry at all. Not only are these products made from the non-psychedelic plant called hemp, but they also don’t contain any THC at all. They are actually made using Cannabidiol, which is a completely different compound found in these plants and which has no hallucinogenic properties. So, you can relax and put your mind at ease, now that you know that these products won’t harm your pet. They are, in fact, perfectly safe for their consumption.


In addition to being curious about the safety of CBD oil for dogs, there is one more thing that you definitely want to know before deciding whether you should give these products to your canines or not. To put things simply, you want to know precisely how CBD oil can affect your pet, since there is no point in giving them a supplement that won’t be of any help at all. Since I have mentioned supplements, let me start by explaining that specific role of Cannabidiol.

As you might already know, CBD oil can be used both as a supplement and as a medicine. The fact that it is a supplement means that perfectly healthy canines can freely consume it. Of course, as the owner, you’ll have to determine the dosage, but the point is that this product can help maintain a healthy balance in your pup’s organism, which will keep it in great shape, both physically and mentally. Now, let’s see what it can actually treat when used as medicine.

Here’s a nice read on that:

Among other things, CBD oil is said to be perfect for getting rid of pain and inflammation, which makes it amazing for treating arthritis. It can also help treat epileptic seizures, as well as anxiety disorders. There’s also evidence that it can be of huge help when trying to treat cancer.

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The Verdict

The above mentioned are only some of the benefits that you can expect your pet to get if you start giving them this product. Now, to answer the question from the title – yes, I believe CBD oil can be useful for your canines, so you might want to give it a try. Of course, you should do your best to find high quality products.

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