Six Sigma Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers

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Six sigma is the process in which the organisation boost their team member capabilities to enhance their business. This process helps to have a sudden increase in the performance and decrease in the faults, and that’s lead to have a better amount of profits, team member having a good salary and the finishing of the product becomes so early than expected. The six sigma comes under the DMAIC approach, which is mostly used in the current period.

In the world of daily evolution, the person should learn about the techniques to deal with them and how to handle the problem in the most difficult times where all the member fails to think about of it. The qualified person has unique ideas to deal with the problems that come to the organisation. They help the companies to develop, have better team efficiency and manage their work. The leader of the companies give their best towards the company, and they use the techniques used by the six sigma principle, which proves to become the best and effective leader. To become successful and recognisable in the world, the person must be very much successful in his work and more knowledgeable than others in his competition. He must have to learn the skills which are necessary in the current world. To have strong competence in the world, lots of skills are important to be known by the leader. The six sigma principle will help the persons to teach them the value of the effectiveness in the current world scenario.

The complexity and modern technology implementation in the systems are for the benefits of the employees but is creating a lot of major issues since they are not aware of it. The work pressure is increasing years rapidly after years so the technological equipment will help to finish the work quickly.

The different types of belts:-

  1. Black belts
  2. Green belts
  3. White belts
  4. Yellow belts

Black belts: The certification is provided to those candidates who are ready to take the risk of the company, and they can handle them in a proper way. These persons have much power than other managers and staff members. 

Green belts: Lean six sigma green belt training is given to the candidate who is trained only for the improvement of the organisation, and they are not responsible for taking any of the risks. The candidate must understand the techniques and the tools for the organisational benefits.

White belts: This certification has its own value, and it is quite different from the other belts. The role of the individual is to support the plans which are made in the organisation, and the job is to prepare reports in a professional way. 

Yellow belts: The yellow belt is given to that person who has the proper adverse knowledge in the lean six sigma belts. The person has more qualities than the black belt achiever, but he has not the will power to take the amount of risk.

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Every candidate has some different type of qualities. In this belt, the person can show his qualities, and he can share ideas in the organisation. After getting the credential, the person can do the work, and he can able to join a large organisation. The salary will be jumping in his bank account, and he would be getting the amount he had never expected. The person is wilful to do the work properly, and he is having the worth to do it in the proper way. The organisation are also searching for the candidate who has the credential of the six sigma belt since the customer requirement is increasing, and that can be handle by the person who has the proper knowledge about it.

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  1. What is a hypothesis test we can do in improve phase?

Ans- The improve phase test is done to have the before and after effect, and the client would be getting the results. 

  1. How and why control is required?

Ans- It is one of the most important factors in the project since if the control is there, then the project will be handled in the proper way. And the head can order for the changes in the project.

  1. What are the types of control charts?

Ans- There are different types of charts like Xbar and Range Chart, Standard Deviation chart and etc.

  1. What is the difference between specification limits and control limits?

Ans- In the control limits, it basically means the real-time value, and in the specification limit, the time which has been given by the client and the project should be submitted at that time.