Some leaf-raking tips to make fall cleanup easier

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Autumn is at our doorstep and raking leaves will be our regular chore in the next few months. Cleaning leaves is important to do in autumn, however, it cannot be done carelessly. With the right techniques, you can make it more effective. This article will highlight several leaf-raking techniques that you need to know. Curious? Keep reading!

First of all, you need to choose the right broom. The right broom is where it all starts. Different types of brooms produce different outputs. Brooms with flexible teeth are suitable for leaves, conversely, the ones with stiff teeth are suitable for straw and debris. Choose a light broom because you may have to clean autumn leaves for a long time.

Sweeping timing is also important. Avoid raking wet soil. Try to rake on a dry day as the leaves do not get wet and are therefore quite light. Scattered wet leaves are always difficult to sweep. Start as early as possible. 5 am is a good time because the leaves don’t pile up too deep. This way the work will tend to be lighter.

Correct technique

Standing straight when sweeping is recommended. To move the broom, try using your feet instead of your hands. Hold the broom handle with both hands one hand for control and the other for leverage. Make several piles of leaves instead of trying to collect them all in one pile. If possible, use a wide tarp to collect the raked leaves. That way it will be easier for you to throw them away.

A lawn mower with a mulching feature might be able to help you

The mulching feature on the lawn mower can be used to crush and shred piles of leaves into smaller, easily decomposed pieces as nutritional intake for your lawn.

Don’t fight the wind

Many people have to put a lot of effort into raking because they don’t realize they are fighting the wind. As far as possible sweep in the direction of the wind because the leaves can be driven more easily towards the pile.

Use gloves

Autumn is usually very cold so wear gloves to avoid cramps. Not only that, sometimes there are sharp objects hidden under piles of leaves and when you try to clean them, your hands are very likely to get hurt. Wearing thick gloves is an effort for protection.

Do not push yourself

Don’t force yourself to sweep a yard that is too large. If you overexert yourself, you will likely sweep ineffectively and may experience fatigue over a long period of time.

Autumn is beautiful but “if it is not controlled”, it will look like trash season. By using proper leaf-raking techniques and the right equipment, fall cleaning can be done effectively and efficiently. Anyway, if you don’t have time to clean a large yard, relying on an affordable lawn care company is highly recommended. Thank you for reading and we hope the tips above were useful!