Start your New Year with #VibeWithJINRO

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Written By Berry Mathew

JINRO started a campaign on TikTok called #VibeWithJINRO where influencers from the Philippines post entertaining and video contents on TikTok by using the hashtags #VibeWithJINRO and #TheRealSoju. This #VibeWithJINRO campaign is created to make target audiences feel every moment spent with JINRO is the moment of real fun.

Philippine influencers produce entertaining and fun videos on their TikTok channel to promote JINRO soju products while informing their target audience that people are all raving about JINRO. For example, watching K-Drama and relate to the drama while enjoying JINRO soju, or play Korean drinking games while drinking JINRO soju. There are so many kinds of ways to enjoy JINRO soju. 

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One of my personal favorite is this video. This influencer plays four different characters while introducing and promoting all the fruit flavor soju. Each character portrays such a different vibe, and it seems like the influencer create the characters based on the flavors of fruit soju. What an interesting way to promote JINRO Soju. There’s another influencer who did a great job by imitating the character “Vincenzo Cassano” from the K-Drama “Vincenzo”, who was born into the family of mafia gang. The influencer reenacts the unforgettable scene and adds JINRO a product to connect and meet new friends.

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Why not start this New Year by creating fun videos with JINRO on the TikTok platform. All you have to do is create any videos with JINRO and just add the hashtags #VibeWithJINRO and #TheRealSoju. It’s that simple! If you still don’t have an account for TikTok, create a new account now and start vibing with JINRO this New Year. Whether it’s a DIY JINRO Soju Cocktail video or a simple Mukbang video with JINRO soju, share your real fun moments with JINRO. Check out more interesting video here to get inspiration or ideas to produce your own video.

Stay tuned for more exiting latest trends about JINRO products on our JINRO Philippine Facebook and Instagram page. 

If you guys are interested, you can find the products by checking out this link below for more information: