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Written By Berry Mathew

If you are thinking of owning your own screen printing business then you’re on the right track. This is an excellent and money making option if someone is planning to own his or her business. One line market has opened the door to endless opportunities but for that  you would require a silk screen printing machine. In this article we would discuss how you can own your printing business.

What are the requirement for starting the printing business

Initially we would discuss how much cost would be involved if someone wants to start their own business. In short they would require around about $10 per day to $212 per month. The biggest cost that you would require to start this business is buying printing machines. If suppose you go for a bank loan for $1000 at 10% rate of interest then the monthly installment which you have to pay to the bank would be around $212 per month.  Which is around $10 per day, even if you print 212 shirts per month and make a profit of $1 for every shirt, you would be repaying the monthly installment of the bank. Rate of pure white cotton T-shirts per dozen is around $24 so the person doing this business can easily book profits.

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  • Utilities

Electricity, shops, lights along with that perfect environment and right location is also a must. Also ensure that the conditions are maintained correctly so that the silk screen printer functions appropriately.  You would require screen printing supplies so that you can make a screen, the screen making process can be done much faster if you tend to prepare it ahead of time and are ready to expose in case you get an urgent order. One of the most time consuming parts is making mesh screen frames and waiting until they become dry. If you are using the pre-stretched mesh screen you change the images and reuse the screen many times. It is cost effective too. This kind of work requires a lot of time and labour hours to complete a task. 

Here are some benefits of owning printing business

  • Be it male or female, kids or adult and no age barrier everyone wants to wear t-shirt so the market is very vast. 
  • You do not need to start big, you can start small even in your house and earn a handsome amount of money.
  • Print according to the customer requirement, customization would be very helpful in growing your brand.
  • If you can create your own brand that you make a handsome amount of money behind each of the stuff you print.
  • In this business you would not work under anyone but your own boss.

But one thing which has to be noted is that for that you would require the best screen printing machine for small business as you can go step by step and then later on purchase big machines to increase your business.

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Above article would definitely motivate you to start your own business as the online boom has given a big boost to this kind of business and this is the right time to cash it.