Stephen Jody Works – The Idea to Bring Innovation to The Gameplay

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Written By Berry Mathew

It was February 4th, 2000, when the first version of The Sims was released, and over time the game has gained considerable popularity. Back in the day, when we didn’t have platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Daily Motion, playing the game was fun. 

However, the unavailability of such platforms to showcase engaging storytelling relevant to gameplay to the audience was nowhere to be found. Things changed when social media took a rise, and many players could offer live streaming of the games they played. Sims is a strategic life simulation video game where the players can create virtual people named “Sims.” The rising popularity of the game and the introduction of streaming platforms have made it easier for players to exhibit their art of storytelling through the game. 

The rise of live streaming began in the early 2010s, allowing players to stream their gaming sessions to the audience on a big scale. Video gaming has long been a center of interest for many of us as kids due to the appealing storylines and vivid characters. There was a time when video games were either considered a hobby or a time-killing activity. However, in today’s world, video gaming while streaming online with the audience has become a productive activity, especially among the youth. 

There are a handful of gamers in the world today playing and streaming different games while drawing substantial public attention and increasing awareness. One such example is Stephen Jody Works. 

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The Alexandria-born YouTube sensation has earned himself the moniker of “SpringSims” due to his never-ending passion for the game. His journey started off in 2011, and his interest in The Sims reached new heights in 2014. 

He made himself prominent among the streamers through his creative stories followed in the gameplay. As of 2022, he has over 35,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel, with more than 2000 videos uploaded to this day. He also streams six days a week on the Twitch platform, with more than 33,000 followers. 

He graduated from Southwestern Illinois College with an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Communications and Webster University in Webster Groves, Missouri, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interactive Digital Media. 

When discussing Works journey as a streamer and The Sims fan, he appeared on “The Sims Sparkd.” on Team Freezerbunny with XUrbanSimsX and DeeSims. With over a decade in the industry, Works has become more and more involved in the Sims Community. In fact, the idea to create his own YouTube channel came from the growing interest in the Sims. 

Works has used his fortune to help others in need. In September 2020, during the pandemic, Works and fellow streamers joined hands to contribute to The Hope for Haiti to extend access to education for the underserved kids in Haiti by launching the back-to-school campaign and by the end of the month, Works and his team was able to raise $11,200. 

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The expansion of Works popularity has never made him shy away from doing good for society. Apart from launching the back-to-school campaign in Haiti, he has donated to several charities and was even appointed as an ambassador for the Hope for Haiti’s third annual hike for Haiti challenge held in April 2021 and was able to raise $90,000. 

He was invited to appear as a guest on the KMOX Media Literacy Project “What The Media” in 2022 to discuss how to monetize digital content and to offer advice on how to be an influencer with hosts Megan Lynch, editor of KMOX Virtual Consumer, and Julie Smith, media literacy specialist and author of “Master the Media: How Teaching Media Literacy Can Save Our Plugged-In World.”

With the art of creating engaging storytelling in the gameplay and thousands of followers on YouTube and Twitch, Works is on his way up, and his passion for The Sims does not seem to be fading away anytime soon. He grew up playing the game and has developed a connection with it to entertain his fans and raise awareness at the same time. However, he has a lot on his plate as of today, as he has the ambition to be a published illustrator with his line of books, including a cookbook with his family.