Surf SUPs – Boards designed for Surfing

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If you are planning to purchase a surfboard for stand-up paddleboarding, there are several designed for the purpose. 

Besides, there are several things you need to consider to ensure you get the best. For instance, you need to consider the length, materials used, features, accessories, fins, and many more. 

Things you need to know about SUP boards

There are big and small SUP surfboards. Normally, a small board is a bit responsive and easier to move around with. However, since it is small, you may struggle to catch a wave. 

On the other hand, a big board might not be responsive but you can easily catch a wave. But it is a bit expensive and not for all paddlers. 

Hence, you need to consider the size and shape of the surf SUP board before you purchase one. Keep in mind that every size and shape works differently.

Here are some of the things you need to know before you buy a paddleboard. 

*You cannot surf on any paddleboard – you need to understand that not all paddle boards are designed for surfing. Some are designed for racing, yoga, touring, and more. 

Some boards are small than others. This means they have different characteristics to fit every purpose. 

*Check the prices – even though surf SUP boards are expensive, there are many manufacturers. But you can research to ensure you get a quality board at an affordable price. 

However, before buying, check the accessories, warranty, and other factors to ensure you get the best. 

*Inflatable or rigid paddle board – you need to choose between rigid and inflatable. The rigid are made of high-density materials and offer better performance. However, they are a bit expensive. The inflatable paddleboards are cheaper but made of PVC material. 

5 Surf SUP boards designed for Surfing

Inflatable surf SUP boards

There are several inflatable surf SUP boards on the market. Most of them are good for advanced paddlers, intermediate, and beginners. They are made of high-quality materials and best for surfing or flat water. 

Some of the best inflatable SUP boards include a 10’6 Air Inflatable Stand-up paddleboard and Red Paddle Co Paddleboard. 

10’6 Air Inflatable Stand-up paddleboard is beautiful, well-shaped, and durable. Accessories are included, great for small waves, and excellent for all types of paddlers. 

SUP boards for surfing small waves

Among the best surfing SUPs in small waves is the BIC sport tough performer. It is light, durable, and made of watertight EPS foam. 

Even though it might not be a good choice for the big guys, you can use it in small waves and flat waters. Hence, if you are a beginner or you want to practice surfing, this is a good choice. 

Moreover, it is a rigid paddleboard. This means you do not need to inflate and deflate it all the time. It has a soft, comfortable, and large standing area and one large fin to enhance speed. Even though it might be expensive, it comes with several accessories. 

SUP surfing boards for beginners

There are SUP surfing boards designed for beginners. Hence, if you are getting started, you need to consider those made for starters. 

These boards can handle obstacles such as rocks in the water. They are available in different colors and you can get a big or a small one. 

Moreover, the standing area is a soft pad to ensure you are comfortable while paddling. Apart from surfing, you can use most SUP surfing boards for beginners to go fishing, exercise, and more. 

Since most of them are inflatable, it is possible to inflate and use put them in your bag. 

One of the most recommended SUP surfing boards for beginners is Serenelife Surf Paddleboard. 

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Surf SUP boards for Big Guys

If you are planning to buy a Surf SUP board for a big guy, there are several designed for you. They have enough space for every paddler. 

Aquaplanet Paddleboard is a great choice. It is designed for all people and has a good platform for beginners, young paddlers, and teens. 

Most surf SUP boards for big guys come with several accessories that include a safety leash, travel bag, adjustable paddle, and much more. 

Surf SUP paddleboard for big waves

If you are planning to paddle on big waves, you need to look for surf SUP paddleboards for the big waves. Happily, there are many boards to consider. 

Whether you want to use them on flat water or waves, the boards have been designed for various tasks. They have a wide surface and stable to help you balance well. 

10’6 Komodo inflatable stand-up paddleboard is a great choice to consider. It is well designed, perfect for high waves, and a good choice for advanced paddlers. 

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Traditional surfing might be a challenge to many people. Hence, the best water sport you can consider is SUP surfing. It is enjoyable and not as hard as surfing. 

But you need to get the best gear for the activity. Pick one based on your skills, body physique, and the type of water to ride. 

Nevertheless, choosing a surf SUP board for surfing is not an easy task. You can get a rigid paddle board or an inflatable one. However, you need to consider all the features to ensure you pick the best.