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TATA Tea Gold Launches New Advertisement For West Bengal; Celebrates ‘Bengali Way Of Life’

by Ragini Salampure
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Tata Tea Gold’s launched the latest advertisement film which is to associate at a neighborhood level as it’s following up on its world-famous Durga Puja event of Kolkata. This advertisement is made for the West Bengal audience and the mission is pointed toward commending the “Bengali Way Of Life”.

With regards to their affection for food, the individuals of West Bengal invest wholeheartedly in their thorough determination approach and an eye for detail. The new Tata Tea Gold ad for West Bengal is a festival of this extraordinarily Bengali social code, “Khutkhute-ness” that is obvious in ordinary circumstances.

A small 1-minute long advertisement is an interpretation of how specific the Bengalis are. From ‘Puchka or Jhalmuri’ on a daily basis to the ‘Kathi Rolls’ in the city every week to ‘Maach er Jhool’ in the fish market to the touch and feel of ‘Roshogolla’, there’s no trade-off.

Tata Tea Gold’s ad film at that point works out to a lady requesting the sweet-smelling tea leaves. While assessing some tea in her grasp, the girl looks unsatisfied. Then, She requests tea that would loan the taste buds a savoring flavor.

The shop owner hands over the gleaming gold pack of TATA Tea Gold, guaranteeing her that it will be a flavourful tea. The circumstances that appeared there are bound together by an attractive and appealing background voice, that magnificently clarifies the ‘Khutkhute-ness’ of all situations and is served through unobtrusive. However, it is relatable humor carrying an awesome way of liveliness to the film.

Along with that, the Tata Tea Gold campaign has the “well-designed equilibrium of rich taste and overwhelming fragrance which gives them a flavourful cup of tea, without any compromisation.”

This is a perfect campaign for TATA Tea as it targets Bengali tea lovers to heart. This short ad is core designed by Mullen Lintas, and the interesting thing is that this advertisement campaign has been made by veteran Bengali producer Shoojit Sircar which made it more powerful from the root.

Discussing the film, Puneet Das (SVP, Marketing, Packed Beverages, India) at Tata Consumer Products said “Tata Tea Gold is the main marked tea brand in West Bengal and we needed to praise the West Bengal lifestyle by bringing alive this perfect thought of a positive attitude of Bengali’s particularly with regards to their regular food and drink favorites. This is all around communicated through this conversational term of Khutkhute-ness and we have attempted to show this through a short ad film that will be relatable to most Bengalis.”

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Along with that, Garima Khandelwal (Chief Creative Officer of Mullen Lintas) also said “The journey to this commercial was about landing an insight that is entirely true for the sector, with how many brands in the Tata Tea portfolio are working with region-specific insights that enhance extreme relativity and make tea their own. Thereafter, it was intensified with creative juices and partnered with the right talent.”

She also added that “She is fine about Bengali food and the ability to craft it that for everyone the humor of that land is an integral part of buying tea, knowing himself and the people she knows reflected in advertising and laughs about the same. Behavior and resolution that follows.”

This is not the first time when TATA glorified the Indian cultures in their advertisement. It also incorporates an ongoing one that praises the ‘Karak Aatma’ of the people of Odisha, India.

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