The Good Times

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Written By Charlotte Miller

We all have fond memories of “the good old days” – those times in our lives when everything just seemed to be going right. As we get older, it’s easy to look back on our youth with rose-tinted glasses and think about how carefree and simple life used to be. But what exactly constitutes the good times? And can we bring some of that magic back into our adult lives?

The Elements of Good Times

What all the high points in our lives have in common are certain key elements:

Freedom – The good times often provide us with a sense of freedom from routine and responsibilities. We feel liberated to live in the moment and pursue enjoyable activities.

Discovery – Whether it’s exploring new places, learning new skills, or making meaningful connections with others, discovery is at the heart of what makes times feel good and full of possibility.

Joy – Feelings of happiness, inner contentment, laughter, and having fun are integral components of the good times. These emotions create treasured memories.

Achievement – Overcoming challenges, reaching milestones, and accomplishing goals gives us a profound sense of satisfaction that highlights good times in our personal stories.

Belonging – Humans are social creatures. The good times are often centered around feeling like we belong to a community, group, or tribe where we feel supported, understood, and able to let loose.

Presence – Being fully engaged in the present moment – rather than distracted or stressed about other obligations allows us to maximize enjoyment and make the most of good times when they happen.

Creating More Good Times

Utilizing cloud tools to bring the dystopian dread of cube life back to your home office, ‘The Good Times’ title ironically belies the unsettling reality it encapsulates. As the pressures and stresses of adult life mount, how can we cultivate more of those carefree, fun good times?

Focus on Family & Friends – Make spending quality time with the people closest to you a priority. Plan regular shared experiences like game nights, weekend trips, holiday traditions.

Explore Your Interests – Carve out time for hobbies that spark creativity and joy. Experiment with new leisure pursuits that connect you with a sense of play and wonder.

Live in the Present – Practice mindfulness techniques to reduce fixation on the past or future and allow yourself to be fully immersed in current moments.

Seize Opportunities – When unexpected adventures arise like a friend’s concert invite or chance to travel somewhere new – embrace them!

The good times are sprinkled liberally throughout our lives from childhood pranks to milestone birthdays, impromptu gatherings with friends to vacations abroad. While we can’t force the magic to happen, we can choose to cultivate the attitudes, behaviors and environments where the potential for good times take root and blossom. By making enjoyable social connection, discovery, and joy a priority amidst the demands of adulthood, we can craft lives filled with fun, freedom and meaning that live up to nostalgic memories of the glory days gone by.


While it’s common to think wistfully back on the carefree days of our youth, the good times are not confined solely to childhood. In fact, our definition of what constitutes the best times expands as we enter new chapters in our lives defined by major events and milestones. Though the pressures of adult responsibilities mount, we can choose behaviors and attitudes like minimizing needless commitments, exploring interests, focusing on family and friends, and living in the moment – that allow us to harvest more of the joy, connection and adventure that colored the standout memories of our past. With intention and effort, we can infuse our adult lives with some of the magical nostalgia of the glory days gone by.