The Social Dilemma Review: An Eyeopening Netflix Documentary For Social Media Users

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Written By Berry Mathew

The Social Dilemma is a very interesting documentary movie that is recently released on Netflix. In this documentary film, you will see interviews of some of the big minds of the tech industry of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and other types of big social media platforms.

The film plot is presented to the audience in a meaningful manner and you will explore through this movie how social media platforms actually work, how social media platforms are impacting our minds, and how our lives are slowly deteriorating through social media.

In this film, the director tried to show different phases of how life how human-created artificial intelligence and the same is now controlling our human world. Not just in a psychological way, but also socially and politically. Our social media platforms do it, how do we start to rebound on our own resistance and we feel insecure even after being positive in life.

There is a dialogue in the film that will also be seen in the trailer of the movie The Social Dilemma, which is A Whole generation that is anxious and more depressed. The script for this film is very good, which will surely make you think once.

The more attractive and glamorous life we get on social media, the darker their real life is. In the film, we have been shown very well how we judge others on social media by looking at their status, followers, likes which starts affecting our real life as well.

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The Social Dilemma movie is really a good blend of whistleblowers with drama. In this film, you will get to see the real geniuses of Silicon Valley, which you will get to see their experiences in the form of real-time drama.

As we already said in this film two different aspects are seen, one is a documentary and the other one is given the drama of real casted actors.

In the cast, Skyler Gisondo, an American actor who’s popular for his play in the movie Vacation and Santa Clarita Diet has been seen. His smartphone’s A.I. framework is likewise played by an actor Vincent Kartheiser of Mad Men voices the deadly algorithms set out to attract users. Sophia Hammons and Kara Hayward who is famous for her role in the Moonrise Kingdom has been also seen.

A scene from the social dilemma movie

One thing that makes it even better is Revolution like how users change their interest overnight and how coders and programmers keep studying those things. Every one of your movements, from sharing a meme to abuse someone, retweeting someone’s tweet, every activity of your day to day life is in store.

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The algorithm of the whole system works from the smallest things of our life.

Along with that, many different outrageous riots that were caused by social media have also been seen in this movie. There comes another point in which it is told that fake news spreads more quickly than real news and people also like to share similar things.

We will highly recommend the movie The Social Dilemma to all of those people who use social media a lot. It’s streaming on Netflix.