The trend of ear cuffs is back: Know how to buy and style them

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

Ear cuffs are one of the newest trends in fashion.  There are currently 12 distinct methods to wear ear cuffs to produce various looks and styles. They may readily convey your style because they are available in a variety of shapes, designs and themes. The ear cuff resembles a bobby pin that has been fastened to your ear.

The most popular methods to wear these gorgeous earrings are either to wear them on your helix for a hipster-chic casual look or to accessorise the ear with a stunning crystal ear cuff. A lovely lengthy piece that can add a very feminine or ostentatious touch to your helix or earlobes.

History of ear cuffs

The ear cuff has a long history in fashion, dating back to ancient times when many women wore them. In the past, they were widely used to symbolise ranks, styles, marital status, age, and cultural identity across various nations around the world. They were also regarded as an artistic form for the ears. Since its inception, the styles of the earrings have undergone significant variation, either to improve their wearability or just to keep up with fashion trends.

For instance, the “Kaffa” ear cuff, which was popular centuries ago and didn’t require ladies to have pierced ears, was intended to be worn on the outer portion of the ear as an ornament. These lovely ornaments can occasionally be seen becoming fashionable, however for various reasons and looks. For instance, if we look back to the 1950s and 1960s, we can see superstars like Marilyn Monroe donning ear cuffs. Marcel Boucher, the man who invented the “earrites” in the 1920s, chose to get legal rights to his creations because they were so popular and in style at the time.

Today, there are several types of ear cuffs available that fit along with current trends. For instance, tribal-style jewellery is highly fashionable, but we can also embellish our ears with extremely sophisticated or ostentatious accessories.

So why would you only decorate your earlobes when you can dress up the entire ear? The advantage of ear cuffs, also known as ear sweeps or ear pins, is that you may wear them without having your skin pierced, making them a wonderful alternative for women who lack holes in their ears.

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Let’s examine the various ways we can wear full ear cover earrings in Melorra now that they are fashionable and back!

  1. The magnificent ear cuff for an extravagantly stylish appearance

Due to its extravagant size and exquisite workmanship, this majestic full-ear cuff is undoubtedly a statement piece that appears incredibly fashionable. No matter what you were wearing, you would draw attention with this entire ear jewellery because it would give you an extremely ostentatious and edgy appearance.

Rhinestones cover the entire surface of this enormous show-off item, which will dazzle as you stroll like a flamboyant fashionista. The variety of ways you can wear the ear cuff will astound you.

Although there are various variations of these ornamental items available, the whole ear cuff is one of the most outstanding options because it is a standout essential item. 

People would be staring at your daring style no matter how you chose to wear it, whether it be casual, trendy or street style.

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  1. A delicate ear jacket for a demure and feminine appearance

A delicate, yet incredibly girly-looking ear jacket is a nice way to add adornment to your attire. Compared to the grandiose ear cuff, this design is very simple, but it is still attractive.

You can adorn your ear with such a conversation starter if you are the kind of person who likes to flaunt her inner fashionista.

To instantly get a romantic look, try pairing this lovely crystal item with a dress or other girlier attire. Check this app for more varieties. 

But styling such a magnificent piece with pretty much any of your favourite outfits is quite simple.

Since this understated and adorable accessory will make your otherwise uninteresting clothing more intriguing and distinctive, get ready to receive some praise.