Time To Start Pool Remodel In Southern California? Pool Remodeling Companies Like Calimingo Have The Answers

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Written By Charlotte Miller

What is the best time to remodel a home pool in Southern California? There are several factors that enter into making a determination. Pool remodeling companies like Calimingo Pools are available to help make a decision. They have a page on their website entitled “Renovations” which is there to aid in deciding when to proceed.

It covers all aspects of the pool remodeling experience. From design services to the entire outdoor area, Calimingo covers it all. The whole idea is to create a pool that resembles a brand new one. When they are finished, no one will know it is a remodel and not a new pool.

Here are some of the factors to consider when deciding on the best time to remodel.


The best time is often decided by the objectives of the pool owner. Is the pool remodeling service going to make minor changes? In particular, is the size and location of the pool going to be changed? The basic question is what does the remodel wish to accomplish?

The more work to be done on the remodel effects when to start the remodel. It is all about timing. A pool remodeling company provides expertise on when to start remodeling. It all depends upon the objectives of the pool owner.

Once the objectives are determined, then a decision can begin to be made about when to start the makeover.


Timing is determined by the date desired for completion of the project. If the homeowner wants the pool remodeled, and all landscaping done by June 1st, then a calculation of the time to complete the work back dates the project. For example, if the work takes two months, then work should begin no later than March 15th to allow for unavoidable delays due to weather and other work-related causes out of the control of pool remodeling companies.

Of course, availability of the pool company often dictates the start date. Typically, pool remodeling companies are busier in the spring as many homeowners want that pool remodeled by the start of summer.


The best time to remodel a pool in Southern California may be dictated by costs. Specifically, does the owner have a budget and wish to keep costs under control. Pool companies are busier during times of the year like spring. Their lightest time is winter.

When a company is really busy, often costs go up or the company is unavailable. Likewise, if there is a slack season, a company may offer discounts in order to stay busy and keep their employees working.

The bottom line is that the best time to remodel a pool in Southern California may be determined by the owner’s budget and the availability of the pool remodeling company.


Pool remodeling can involve making changes to the rest of the property. This is especially true if the pool size changes. A pool remodeling service can assist in making this calculation. Calimingo Pools are experts in not only remodeling a pool, but in changing the landscape to fit the newly redesigned pool.

Certain landscaping changes may be better accomplished in certain times of the year. Again, this dictates the time to start the remodel. Let the experts at Calimingo guide the homeowner through the process.

It is not an easy answer to the question about the best time to start a pool remodel in Southern California. Each homeowner will have an unique answer to the question. It all depends on numerous factors. Rely on expert advice to get that new look pool that is the point of the remodel.