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Top 4 Challenges A World Faces Today

by Ragini Salampure
Top 4 Challenges A World Faces Today

For heads of state, the year 2020 was fraught with difficulty. The COVID-19 global epidemic, and the ensuing economic, academic, and public safety crises, hit every state. In addition, with an increasing series of natural emergencies, namely fires, hurricanes, and droughts, climate change issues became much more acute than they already were. 

Some economically struggling countries like Iraq and Pakistan are sorting their arbitration disputes. Besides, geopolitical turmoil became a shared experience inside and across nations, influencing countries that had been vulnerable for a long time and those that had previously been regarded as pillars of governance and stability. These issues may continue in 2021. 

Increased Climate Change

The last ten years have been the hottest on record. As a result, life-threatening wildfires, such as those in Australia, hurricanes, severe weather conditions, and climate-related displacement and hunger, are commonplace in many parts of the world. As a result, ice caps are dissolving, sea levels are rising, and island nations’ very survival is in jeopardy. 

Our entire world is in trouble: 1 million species of plants and animals could become extinct in the next few years, marking the largest-scale environmental collapse humans have ever witnessed. As a result, climate conservation is being pushed into the public consciousness as never before by a growing global youth movement impatient for change.

Economic Instability

Economic instability is one of the top challenges caused by wars. The Syrian war will be ten years old in 2021, and Yemen will be six years old. Iraq is working on its arbitration dispute. Venezuela has the potential to become the world’s worst and most poorly funded refugee problem. 

Armed violence and crime rates are on the increase in highly urbanized world-impacting states like Palestine. In addition, interstate rivalry and geopolitical instability have also become significant concerns.

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Delivering SDGs

2021 is a critical year for ensuring that our strategies, funding, and commitment are all aligned to achieve the goals of 2030. 

Agenda-driven coalitions and initiatives have emerged among governments from industrialized and developing economies, local state actors and representatives, the financial community and private sector, and other non-state actors in the first four years since the Goals were launched. 

The UN, for its part, has launched a significant reform campaign to better perform on the SDGs. As a result, the effect of climate change, the Sustainable Development Goals, and harmony has gotten more attention.

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Racial Exclusion

Most of the world’s most pressing problems, such as sustainability, climate change, and peace, are rooted in inequality. It affects individuals and institutions across cultures and boundaries, and it attempts to interfere with hard-won progress.

Many deadly conflicts nowadays are fueled by the exclusionary defense, justice, and political practices. It’s also seen as a driving force behind the global uptick in protests, which indicates no signs of slowing down.

The year 2021 is almost over, but the hopes have to be high to promote actions. As individuals, we must play our part to bring about a good change.

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