Top 4 SEO Strategies to Create High Profitable Online Presence

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Written By Berry Mathew

Do you know that the latest research states that 87% of shoppers begin using a digital search platform to discover new products, brands, and services, up from 71% last year? See how fast the numbers are increasing. So, imagine if you are not ranking in search engines, how difficult it will become to survive among your competitors! 

Though, difficult, not impossible. Even if you’re not into competition yet, you can be anytime soon. Wondering how? It’s simple. If you want to compete online against big giants like Walmart, Amazon, Flipkart, and others and thinking about how you can drive more traffic to your site to get people looking at the products you’re selling online then, you must be a pro at SEO. 

Well, what is SEO anyway? It’s an abbreviation for search engine optimization that is a set of strategies that are meant to obtain a high position in website ranking on search engines such as Binge, Yahoo, and primarily Google. So, to achieve a high rank for your website, consider these top-4 SEO strategies—

SEO Strategy 1: Input Relevant and Highly Searchable Keywords

“Keyword” is the king that helps you win the battle. Of course, ranking on the first page feels great but, if it’s not for the right result then, it’s not going to work for any good. Hence, comes the role of adding relevant and high-ranking keywords in your website’s content that proactively answer your customers’ questions. So, ensure adding such keywords that your target customers mostly use in their search. This way, you draw their attention to your site and they help you rank in return. However, if you aren’t sure how to find relevant and SEO keywords then, consider looking at competitive keyword research tools available online for help.

SEO Strategy 2: Make Your Website optimized for Mobile-Use

Bring as a retailer, you must think about making your website mobile-optimized. It’s because, 63% of millennials, as compared to desktops, search using their smartphones. Hence, your site needs to be optimized for mobile use to rank higher in SEO rankings. However, while doing so, remember to turn off pop-ups for mobile that you may be using on your website to capture traffic because Google now penalizes those sites that use “intrusive” pages. Instead, give more preference to easily readable content with large text fonts, simple layouts, and clear images.

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SEO Strategy 3: Organize your Website in an SEO-friendly Format

Maybe you don’t know that structure not only matters in PPC (Pay-Per-Click), it also equally matters for SEO. Site organization does impact the consumers. To be precise, how you organize your site is of relevant significance. In comparison to those sites where the content seems to be scattered all over the place, well-structured websites with top-level infrastructure tend to rank higher in search engine results.  So, organize your site properly and consider adding internal links to your website’s content to help refine the structure of your site. By doing so, you’ll make it easier for search engines to index your site higher. 

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SEO Strategy 4: Optimize your Website’s Page Titles

Another recommended way to boost your chances of getting highly visible in the search engine’s searches is to include Meta-Titles for your pages. For instance, you can first consider individually adding what your product is all about, what are its key attributes and then, you can add an enticing call to action like “free shipping” or “buy now.” Basically, by doing so, you’ll be giving at-a-glance descriptions of all your website’s items, products, and services without wasting their precious time in reading the whole content and then making a decision. And, that’s why optimizing your website’s page titles is considered a great SEO strategy to attract a lot of potential customers to your site.

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So, this is how by adopting these SEO strategies you can make sure you thrive high in the competition of top-eCommerce websites and get enough eyeballs on your site. Further, to help you in building an SEO strategy plan and to bring you into the spotlight to achieve both the desired traffic and revenue goals; there’s this Utah search engine optimization services that you can look upon. For over a decade, they are into creating a highly profitable online presence for companies and businesses who’re struggling hard in making Digital Marketing work for them to get that desire reach and sales.