Top 5 Global Logistics Companies in 2021

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Written By Berry Mathew

Logistics firms are responsible for much more than just sending packages to customers’ doorsteps. These companies also maintain the parcel’s condition and delivering within the specified time frame. But do you have what it takes to be one of the top global logistics firms in 2021?

We considered the warehouse management software and transport systems used by each organization when compiling this list. In this article, we’ve highlighted some key facts and figures about each company that helped them reach the top.

  • C. H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.

C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. (CHRW) is at the top of the list due to its impressive track record. It’s a third-party logistics firm that represented over 100,000 customers in the previous year. In 2021, this company alone completed about 18 million freight deliveries with the help of 71,000 conveyors. Besides, CHRW is involved in a variety of activities. It also purchases and distributes the most authentic goods throughout the United States.

  1. XPO Logistics, Inc.

XPO Logistics is a Greenwich-based warehouse management software company that offers freight and distribution services all over the globe. Since its launch in 1996, it has extended its global scope and introduced a slew of new features to ensure that its customers receive the best possible service. They also purchased several businesses over the years, including Con-way and Norbert Dentressangle, demonstrating that the business is thriving.

3.United Parcel Service, Inc

We’ve all heard of United Parcel Service, the world’s largest package delivery company (UPS). It is well-known for managing the delivery of 15 million parcels and documents every business day all over the world. UPS has grown its business through mergers and acquisitions over the years (M&A). It has acquired Freightex, a UK-based company, that guarantees careful distribution.

4.Expeditors International of Washington Inc.

Expeditors International of Washington provides an alternative option for its customers to buy ocean and cargo spaces. What this company does is buy these spaces in bulk and offer them at a cheaper rate to its customers. it also plays a role as a customs agent for air and ocean logistics goods sent by the customers. Unlike other companies, Expeditors International offers warehouse management system services.

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  1. J. B. Hunt Transport Services

Then there’s J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., based in the United States. It offers distribution and surface transportation services in North America. Customers who want to delegate their transportation functions may take advantage of its solitary logistics management. The firm also transports or arranges freight forwarding by different means.

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As global on-demand platforms have grown in popularity over the years, the logistics industry has been under pressure to meet that demand. But it’s about the companies that have managed to remain proactive amid the never-ending barrage of expectations. 

The top 5 logistics companies we listed above are in the business of identifying new markets and integrating emerging technologies. Enacting them earlier in the market will assist you in operating more efficiently. Do what makes you stand out if you want to be at the forefront of those industries!