Top Black Hat Techniques to Avoid in an SEO Campaign

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Written By Berry Mathew

For displaying the most useful results to the users, search engines across the globe are continuously updating their algorithms. Every search engine has its guidelines and makes sure that the SEO professionals know about them thoroughly. But, there are plenty of people who do not want to follow the rules to become successful and make use of black hat techniques. And these particular techniques might become the reason for your penalties. According to one leading SEO Brisbane company, all of these mistakes are completely avoidable with a well thought out strategy. The popular black hat techniques that must be avoided in an SEO campaign are as follows:

Buying links:

A top-notch link can help you to attract traffic for your domain and also helps Google to navigate your site to get a better idea about what your site is all about. SEO Consultant Perth says that buying a link is against the guidelines of Google’s Webmaster. Moreover, Google says that this does not work. In case if you are caught, you need to face a manual and automatic penalty that will worsen the overall website. Google tracks the links that are likely to have been earned or bought. It happens mostly because of the unnatural patterns that make it easier for Google to identify.

Overused anchor text:

Most of the people who follow best seo companies may want to match the title of their page each time they share a link. It makes sense because the title comprises what is there on the page, and additionally, consistency will prove the relevance. But, from the perspective of Google, it looks like they are spamming lazily. Hence, you need to create an anchor text as brief as possible, and do not stuff keywords into it, and keep it unique. This will make the anchor text more natural. This rule is applicable for both external and internal links.

Keyword stuffing:

If an SEO campaign would have been all about making use of keywords, then all it would have required is a block of keywords to rank at the topmost position. But, Google always focuses on providing top-notch quality results to the searchers. Thus, it looks for the richness of content in keywords that are semantically linked. In this way, it is more likely for the algorithm to provide high-quality content instead of below-average content that has just high-quality content’s superficial markings.

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Hidden Content:

In hidden content, the content and the background have been made with the same color. It is a common tactic where it is more likely that keywords phrases, semantically-linked words, and long-tail keywords have been input as many as possible on the page. But, Google’s algorithm can easily detect the difference between hidden keywords in the background and the keywords inside the paragraph body. It mostly takes place when you hired some for guest posting, and the person may have included the hidden content, or maybe your website is hacked, or you have a rigorous comment system, or if you copied and pasted text. 

Duplicated content:

The concept of duplicating is nothing new. Content duplication may take place because of several reasons. If you hire someone to stabilize your content, that person may simply copy and paste it, or you may have done it yourself without knowing the consequences. But understand that duplicating, plagiarizing, or scraping content can violate the trademark or copyright laws. It is because Google only focuses on sharing top-quality content, and you may need to face a penalty for such duplicating content.

Footer links:

Footers are considered to be the primary real estate for a link, as they can be found on a website’s every single page. Many users try to add footer links with a commercial anchor text at a certain scale. This is primarily done to manipulate the results. And if you are doing the same or want to do the same, you might have to face the consequences. It is because Google is likely to identify those and penalize you for using them.

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Using black hat techniques in an SEO campaign may earn you rewards, but understand that it is a short-lived path. Because of their unethical nature, they worsen the internet. If you get penalized and want to change your practices, there are also ways to recover from the penalties of Google. Before moving on with an SEO campaign, do thorough research about it.