Top Security Tips That Mac Users Should Be Aware Of

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Written By Berry Mathew

Macs have a strong reputation in the market for being impossible to be infected by ransomware, malware, and other types of viruses. Although it is true that these devices are indeed among the most secure operating systems available today, they are not safe against cyber-attacks. As the number of Mac users is increasing rapidly, so are the attacks. The main reason for this is that mostly wealthier part of the population uses Mac the most. This means that the value of the data stored on the devices is probably high. There are multiple banks and other big businesses that consolidate around the Mac which is why hackers are tempted to target it.

The majority of Mac attacks usually consist of adware and malware. Both such viruses can infiltrate the system because of user error. These viruses can be downloaded from a torrent-sharing website or open-source application. So, how do you stay secure from installing these viruses? Well, read on to find out!

#1. Enable FileVault

FileVault is an extremely useful tool that is designed by Apple. It is a full-desk encryption tool that comes preinstalled in Mac. You have to enable it on your device for it to lock and encrypt the hard drive whenever you shut down the Mac. The contents would then only unlock if an authorized user logs in. Otherwise, it will remain locked. This is a pretty useful feature. How? Well, imagine if your device gets stolen. You might think that your data would get stolen but it won’t. The thieves will not be able to access your account on the device and your data will remain protected.

#2. Use VPN

You should consider installing a reliable VPN on your Mac device. This would allow you to surf the internet securely. It will also keep you safe from different viruses. Moreover, a Mac VPN would protect your private information along with personal data from third parties, ISP, and network administrators.

If you are using your Mac for downloading from ipiratebay or any other site, you should care about your system’s security. This will not only help you access blocked sites, but will also ensure that your personal credentials are protected at all times.

#3. Get an Authenticator App

It is important for you to get a trusted authenticator app. This would allow you to enable two-factor authentication for your Mac. It means that whenever you turn on the Mac, you would have to enter a verification code that is generated within the app. Only then you would be able to log in. So, if someone steals your device and figures out the password, the individual will not be able to log in as Mac would ask for the verification code.

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#4. Turn Off Spotlight Suggestions

You may use Spotlight Suggestions just like any other tool on your Mac device. And why not? After all, it looks secure, and convenient, right? Well, it is not really as harmless as you thought it would be. This tool can transfer your private information to Apple which they might sell to third-party providers. Therefore, if you care about your privacy then disable Spotlight Suggestions right away both on the device’s settings and in Safari browser settings.

#5. Install Password Manager

If you want to secure your Mac then it is essential for you to create complex, unique, and long passwords. Of course, you won’t be able to remember each and every password for every account. This is why you would need to get a password manager. And luckily for you, there is a wide number of decent password manager options available for Mac users. So, select the one that has the features you would need. Some of the most popular ones are Lastpass, 1Password, and Dashlane.

#6. Consider Running a Two-Way Firewall

Mac does have a built-in firewall that will offer you inbound network protection. But this would only safeguard you from certain threats. If you need more protection then you would have to consider running a two-way firewall. If you layer an outbound firewall onto the inbound firewall of your Mac device then you would instantly get an alert if some tool or app attempts to do something that you never intended it to do.

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It’s a technologically advanced world where hackers tend to use more sophisticated ways to compromise your data. It is important to remember here that your devices are prone to cyber-attacks no matter how secure they are. This is why when I subscribed to the service after checking Spectrum internet prices, I made sure to protect my Mac by implementing the tips discussed above. You can do the same to make sure that your system stays safe.