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Currently, the internet is at its maximum. Everyone uses the internet for their specific purposes, some to study online, some to attend a meeting with a client, and some to expand their business. Meanwhile, the internet has proven beneficial and efficient to business owner. Business here means any business, such as selling a car, selling content, selling essential home items, or anything. Businesses use the internet to reach out to people, bring them, and attract them towards their products. They want to be seen among the crowd. The market these days is flooded with competition. Many businesses post their product regularly on their website, but how to encourage more and more audience. For this purpose, they track keyword ranking free either manually or with the help of software. They keep track of any change that occurs in the ranking of the keyword. Tracking the keyword rank tells us what position our keyword, which may be our product name lies on the search engine.

Let’s understand why is it essential to track our keywords?

To keep a check on competitors: When one tracks the keywords regularly, one gets an insight into how well their competitors are performing against them. One also gets to know their strategy, how well they have planned, what keywords they are focusing on and what keywords they’re leaving behind. One has to be ready to grab the opportunity anytime. All the information is analyzed as to what can one do to beat them and maintain stability in ranking.

To stand out from the public: Every business wants to stand out from the other competitors. Keyword tracking enables us to understand what are the keywords that may seem visible to the audience. By analyzing and carefully tracking, we can find keywords that will rank higher than others.

To track rank drops: One needs to track keyword ranking free using tools to find out any increment or decrement in the ranking. They also are capable of telling us what the causes of the drop are. So that one can take the necessary actions beforehand. Mostly this uncertainty in rank occurs because of the competitor defeating one’s ranking and going above us. There can be some technical glitch as well, which could be taken as a lesson not to repeat them in the future.

To prioritize keywords: One can evaluate the results by tracking what people are most attracted to or what intention someone is searching for something? What is the motive of searching those special keywords? Are competitors using them? Then deciding whether to prioritize them over other keywords or not.

These were some essential reasons to track keyword ranking free so that one knows why to do it and how this can be helpful to them.

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To track our keywords, one must first know how to pick them. Let’s discuss what qualities should our keyword have for better optimization.

  • One should be aware as to why we need a keyword? What is the purpose of the keyword in the business? How will it affect the sales? How will it affect the customer base, or will it positively impact the audience? how will it create awareness about the product? These questions help to decide what keyword is best to track.
  • Choosing the right type of keyword is a very necessary step. Many people fail to understand this point which is why their keyword ends up on a low rank. Let’s understand this. Usually, three types of keyword exist depending upon various factors such as search volume and rate of conversion. They are – short-tail, long-tail, and evergreen keywords.
  • One can use the SEO toolkit, which has many tools that can help find the right keyword; one can get ideas and implement them through these tools, removing the burden of searching every keyword manually. There are many tools through which one can track keyword ranking free. 

Some facilities extended by an efficient software

  • Run its algorithm for keyword search and extraction with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Notifies through email or normal texts about the ranking.
  • One can remotely track keywords.

The best way to be on the search engine’s main page with a high rank is by regular monitoring or tracking keywords and acting according to the need.

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