Trading Forex for a living – is it real?

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Written By Berry Mathew


Trading Forex for a living is feasible but investing in currency trading is also a risky business, and not everyone succeeds. If your goal is to start trading activity to make money online, you need to pursue a strategy that will allow you to be systematically winning, especially in Forex. Here are the tips for a successful trading journey.

Choose reliable broker

First, you need to opt for the right trading intermediary. To do so, read the Forex broker review for the brokerage company you are interested in. Compare several of them and find the best match for your needs. 

Try different strategies

Furthermore, you ought to know how to be profitable, adjust one or more strategies and adapt them to your personality without forgetting to control profits and risk. Anyway, you always ought to test several strategies. Try them before putting them into practice on a real trading account. 

This test allows you to know the positive or negative sides of the strategy and, in particular, several critical statistical data know. However, past results are not always representative of future results.

Don’t run after quick wins.

Indeed, to earn money online, you must not succumb to the ease and temptation of taking your profits in a rush. It’s a fundamental point because you need to understand how to be systematically profitable in the Forex market.

First and foremost, forget about unrealistic goals and preconceptions that you may have in trading. There is always a high probability for profit within two or three trades, but, in reality, forex trading requires a more sophisticated strategy not to lose your investment in whole.

Traders new to intraday trading in the short term and on small movements tend to make rushed decisions. The statistics for these traders is around 90% losing within 90 days. It makes you think!

In general, in order to make money on the Forex market, you shouldn’t trade too much. Paradox? In reality, no! Each position is a risk. The more a trader will take a position, the more he or she will potentially be exposed to losses. With regards to this, it’s not advisable to take positions with every movement in the market. Instead, wait for specific market conditions to take a trade and execute your plan.

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The importance of effort, focus, and determination

When starting a trading activity, consider how you would proceed with your own business. Once you decide to start a business, you don’t just invest in the first idea you hear about, do you? Instead, you look around and consider different options because you know that investing is not done on the spur of the moment.

And once you start your business, you probably won’t just keep up with the day-to-day things either. To do your farm work well, you need to plan, set goals, check progress, and budget.

The same principles apply in online trading. As with achieving your life goals, you are going to achieve your Forex goals by applying yourself with effort, focus, and determination.

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Understand the perks and downsides of leverage

The possibility of leverage is not inherently a bad thing. It really allows you to trade with larger trading volumes for a trader with a limited margin. Higher volumes mean more value to the pip – the engine of profit and loss. 

However, it is the trader’s choice to trade unreasonably with large volumes that then makes his or her account more likely to have margin calls. As for the leverage itself, if any, it is there to help a trader as long as he understands how leverage works and respects it.

Follow these tips, and you will inevitably end up being part of the small group of traders who have succeeded. And always remember that what happens in the short term doesn’t count. Only the long term does!