Truck accidents vs. Car accidents in OC: Things to know

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Commercial freight trucks in Orange County are often responsible for some of the most disastrous consequences. As someone injured in such a truck accident, you may not fully understand the complexities of filing a claim. Also, it is important to understand that mishaps involving trucks are primarily different than accidents between two passenger cars. Instead of struggling with laws, your rights, and applicable deadlines, it makes sense to hire a truck accident lawyer in OC. In this post, we are further discussing how such mishaps are inherently complex.

  1. Truck drivers have large insurance policies. Because drivers carry hefty insurance policies, insurance companies often do everything possible thing to deny claims and reduce payouts. Having an experienced attorney is essential so that you don’t have to deal with the claims adjuster alone.
  2. You may have endured property damage. The overall size and weight of commercial trucks can cause massive damage, even when the accident is not a major one. In other words, you may have a more significant claim related to property damage.
  3. People suffer serious injuries. When a truck collides or crashes into a passenger vehicle, people in the cars often end up with catastrophic injuries. It can take months or even years for a victim to recover, and expectedly, the cost of intensive medical care and treatment will add up in no time. Compared to a car accident, the eventual losses could be significantly higher.
  4. There could be many parties at fault. There are many parties at play in a truck accident. While you may think that the driver was distracted or probably drunk when the mishap happened, it could be a case of overloading the vehicle. Determining who is liable for your injuries is the most challenging aspect of filing a truck accident claim. For road mishaps between two sedans, liability is not hard to spot.

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Find a good lawyer

Not all injury lawyers have experience working on truck accident claims, and it is best to research a bit further before making a choice. Ensure that you find an attorney who has relevant expertise and wouldn’t mind taking on the big parties, such as the trucking company, the loading service, or the vehicle manufacturer. Also, your case could end up in court, which makes it even more necessary to choose a litigation expert – someone who can represent you at trial.

Start working on your truck accident lawsuit immediately to make the most of available time.

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