Types of Stoners: Which One Are You?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Whenever people who don’t smoke cannabis hear about stoners, they can be quite fast to assume that all stoners are exactly the same hippie, lazy, dread-locked hair kind of person who smokes weed all day, sitting on the couch and watching tv: a.k.a. the most erroneous stoner stereotype. News is to these people: stoners also have jobs! 

Actually, the typical stoner stereotype couldn’t be any further from reality. Not only does smoking marijuana not change your entire personality just for engaging in this activity, but also cannabis doesn’t have the same effects on everyone. However, there are indeed certain patterns among this community. Here are the most common types of stoners. 

The (Kinda) Religiously-Serious About Weed Stoner

There’s always that friend in the group who’s just a little bit too excited about the culture of cannabis. That one who’s always knowing the extremely random facts about marijuana, bringing up crazy new techniques to try, and treating the ritual of smoking weed as a religious act. 

Many times, this type of stoner is also the one who’s passionate about cultivating the highest quality buds you’ll ever get a taste of. Therefore, if you have questions such as what’s the difference between photoperiod and autoflowering seeds, it’s them who you should ask.

The Active Stoner

Contrary to the classic stereotype we have the active stoner type. While it may be strongly linked to the genetics you consume, still, some people have a bigger tendency to be active than others. And this applies to stoners, some of them will smoke a joint and get their entire home duties done, or want to go all across the city just to check out this very specific thing they have in mind. Combine this with the artsy, creative stoner type and you may find your friend coming up with amazing masterpieces after they had a couple of puffs. 

Or perhaps you have a close group of skater friends, who spend the entire day skating around and smoking weed. If you ever spent some time skating you’ll know why they can be included in the active stone type.

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The Philosophic Stoner

Oh, we all love some philosophical stoner friends. Sharing a joint with the philosophic stoner of the group means you’re bound to take a trip to the most mystic corners of your mind. 

As you may or may not know, consuming marijuana does have the tendency to open up our minds and think of deeper, and more creative things that you would maybe not think of if sober. And sometimes this isn’t the case even when you get stoned, and you may end up in an “ehhh, what were we talking about” kind of conversation- not with the philosophic friend. 

Whenever you share a joint with this guy/girl, they will guide you to the deepest conversations, things that will get you saying “we should record ourselves” only to find hour-long recordings of who knows what you were talking about. 

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The Classic Stoner

Lastly, there is indeed the classic, old-school stoner, the one who’s all in for a wake ’n’ bake, who takes 4:20 as the Sundays in church for Catholics. The classic stoner friend however is likely employed and doesn’t have any Doritos stuck on their hair, or dressed in a robe all day, ahem, movies.

These are just a couple of the many types of stoner, and while you may fit into one or many of them, or none at all, actually, who cares, you can be your own type of stoner! And you don’t even need to fit into any category, just be you. And enjoy yourself smoking weed.