10 Unique Indian Startups That Will Blow Your Mind (2020 Edition)

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Top Unique Indian Startups: Indian companies that Impressed the world with its innovative ideas in 2020. Aloe E-Cell. World-first eco-friendly battery. Skyroot Aerospace…

India is a country which is a milestone and a big market for companies focusing on high growth and setting up themselves as a forthcoming worldwide tech pioneer over the long haul. There are many new businesses that are now renowned in India, engaging a large number of people in India with their services and products.

There are also some fastest-growing startups in the country. But still, there are many startups that have underrated but they came up with unique and problem-solving ideas and making India proud in the whole world.

These startups can not just only creating a brand but can also change people’s daily lives. They are not just making a profit but also doing welfare things by their unique business ideas. So today we are listing 10 Unique Indian Startups That Will Blow Your Mind.

1. Aloe E-Cell

A startup named Aloe E-Cell developed an electricity cell by using aloe vera. And its World’s First 100% Eco-friendly battery. Aloe vera can likewise produce current and power batteries. Supplanting harmful metals like lead and mercury in a dry cell. An Uttar Pradesh young lady and a Rajasthan boy have utilized aloe vera particles and other natural items to shape a green e-cell that is 100% eco-friendly and non-perilous.

We are proud to say that’s completely made in India. There is no end of advantages of these cells because this e-cell will cost you 10% less cost and work more than 50% as compared to normal cells.

The idea of making power battery cells by using aloe vera also won awards as well as its a part of Top 8 Startups from over the world at the Innovation Summit, Spain.

Unique Indian Startup 2020: Aloe E-Cell

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2. Skyroot Aerospace

Skyroot Aerospace is an Indian startup that manufactures that type of rocket that can be 3D Printing. This makes production fast as well as scalable. On 27th September 2020, this startup introduced to the world its first 100% 3D printed rocket engine.

A Hyderabad based startup. Skyroot was established by former Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) researchers named Pawan Kumar Chandana, Naga Bharath Daka, and Vasudevan Gnanagandhi, who hopes to launch its first rocket by the year of 2021, which it says might decline the costs by a third.

Unique Indian Startup 2020: Skyroot Aerospace

3. Sea6 Energy

Sea6 Energy is a unique startup that uses the boundless capability of the seas in a reasonable and legit manner. It imagines a future where the bountiful seas will be the biomass farms of things to come, to give arrangements in energy, agriculture, and food.

It creates advances to change over biomass into biofuel, plant growth energizers, plant safeguard items, animal feed ingredients, and other bio-inexhaustible items to supplant synthetic substances and plastics, adequately creating a Bio-refinery out of marine biomass, churning out a whole variety of products leaving nothing to waste.

Sea6 Energy Pvt Ltd a Bengaluru-based startup that was established by the graduated class of IIT-Madras and brooded by the Center for Cellular and Molecular Platforms is hoping to raise $10 million funds for research and development.


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4. FoodCloud

FoodCloud is an Indian startup with a simple and unique idea. It provides a home cooking service where you get home prepared food from professionals chefs and a great deal of variety is guaranteed on the menu. You can easily call the food making experts and give them exceptional guidelines on the off chance that you require anything about food.

Food pickup and home delivery can be orchestrated relying upon the chef and the amount of food.

FoodCloud was established by sequential business visionaries Vedant Kanoi and Shamit Khemka in September 2020. Vedant Kanoi moved on from Carnegie Mellon University in 2006 and afterward worked for UBS Investment Bank for a very long time till 2008, post which he established BatchBuzz Media. Shamit Khemka is the author of SynapseIndia which gives programming and IT administrations.

5. Niramai

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women today but the biggest challenge on that count is early detection. But there is a Startup that is solving this problem by using technology. They have a made in India innovation and technology. Niramai is a startup that has developed an automated diagnostic tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning as well.

Geeta Manjunath is the CEO of Bangaluru based company and founder of this startup. She is a scientist with a Ph.D. also 25 years of experience in IT research of science.

In an interview with ET NOW she said, “technology to solve cancer detection problem so discuss with a couple of our friend’s imaging experts and heard about this new technology or old morality called thermography. You know which possibly can be renewed with this new technology of artificial intelligence, so that’s what we researched upon some of the team members here were very much part of this research when we started how long did it take for you in terms of research and really seeing that is this really the answer to the problem that you’re wanting to solve.”


6. Robot Restaurant

The Restaurant startup named ‘Robot’, which was once known as MOMO was established by Venkatesh Rajendran and Karthik Kannan. This restaurant has 4 extraordinary highlights of robots who function as ‘Waiters’.

It’s India’s first robot-themed restaurant that uses robots to serve food. It was relaunched to make it more in line with its topic. The utilization of robots in the food business just proceeds to show the degree and the extent of its application while furnishing customers with a remarkable experience.

Eateries in a few parts of the world are presently utilizing robot waiters in the kitchens. A Bengaluru-based home kitchen robot is an ongoing expansion to the list.

The founder of Robot Restaurant Karthik Kannan, a prime supporter of Robot, stated, “In the restaurant industry, it’s no longer just about the food. The experience matters.”


7. Ideaforge Tech

Idea forge is an innovative startup that is working flawlessly on drone technologies. Indian company ideaForge drones by using Aaronia’s AARTOS command and control arrangement.

They can give end-users one point for drone operation and observation with likely decreased investment of communication foundation needed for working the robots. With that, the vital organization remembers intends to help the Make for India initiative to build up some of Aaronia’s equipment in the nation.

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8. Unacademy

Unacademy is an eLearning company established by Gaurav Munjal, alongside his fellow partners Hemesh Singh and Roman Saini. Recently Unacademy raised USD 50 million as an investment. Furthermore, with this, This unique startup is headed to turning into India’s Big Education Technology Unicorn after Byju’s.

The company has more than 25,000 teachers (including Entrepreneurs, Professors), and offers study material for proficient and instructive selection tests. The exercises are as live classes both free and by means of a subscription.

9. Haptik

Haptik has built its platform on the back of having done it ourselves while building the entire AI product suite independently for each specific use case.


10. FreshMenu

FreshMenu is on a consistent journey to prepare amazing food items with regards to the kitchens spread out over the city that convey newly prepared food to the doorsteps of its clients.

Their plan of business has consistently been guaranteeing that their customer is under 5km away from a kitchen, guaranteeing fresh food that can be delivered as quickly as could reasonably be expected. They cook their own food and deliver it, guaranteeing an excellent quality.

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