Unlocking Smooth Travel: A Comprehensive Guide to Turkey Visa Application Your Passport to a Richer Experience: E-Visa

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Traveling somewhere out of the country has a very different and vibrant vibe. Travelers from around the world keep searching for the most vibrant places, where they find satisfaction and thrill. One of the most iconic places that I have found out is Turkey. So, in this blog post, we will be writing about Turkey as the best tourist attraction destination around the globe. Imagine yourself to the heights of the most adventurous spots out there. Make your mind and body feel pure and satisfied. 

If you are planning your trip to Turkey, don’t think before applying to our e-visa application through our portal. We give you the best offers on your visa and make sure you travel safely and without any obstacles. Note that, our evisa application process is very smooth and consumes very less time to process. With the most simple three-step process, you can get your e-Visa right away on your email. Further, you can download it or show it right away when you reach Turkey. Remember you must carry your passport and a copy of your e-Visa during the trip with you. 

Unlike the traditional evisa process, here is the full guide to the application process. Just visit our website www.evisa-tr.com and check it out yourself. Firstly, you need to check the eligible countries page and know about your country’s requirements by reading the guidelines mentioned carefully. After reading all the guidelines thoroughly, you can proceed to the main e-Visa application process. 

Here we have discussed everything in brief and further, we will explain everything clearly. 

Requirements For E-Visa 

According to the main requirements for Turkey e-Visa, you must carry at least 2 passport-sized photographs of yours. And another is your copy of the bio page of your passport. But you need to make sure that the passport must be valid for at least 60 days. 

In other cases, like for business travelers, you must carry your copy of the business card with you along with a copy of your passport and your passport-sized photograph.

E-Tourist Visa Requirements


  • Two Passport Sized Photograph
  • Scanned Copy Of The Bio Page Of Passport (details must be visible)

E-Business Visa Requirements


  • Two Passport Sized Photograph
  • Scanned Copy Of The Bio Page Of Passport (details must be visible)
  • Copy Of Business Card

Read The Below Steps Before Filling The e-Visa Application Form

In the starting point, you must mention your nationality. Provide accurate information without any mistakes.

After that fill in the essential details like your name, family details, arrival and departure date, and more. 

Then proceed to the next page by clicking on the next button at the bottom. Here you have to fill in another set of details. Check the form after filling in the details, otherwise, your e-Visa may get declined.

There are all the processing time for visas which includes the fastest processing time of 2 hours and the lowest processing time of 4 days. Here I will present you the list of them:-

  1. Standard e-Visa is processed in 4 Days 
  2. Urgent e-Visa is processed in 48 Hours
  3. Rush e-Visa is processed in 24 Hours 
  4. Super-Fast e-Visa is processed in 4 Hours
  5. Emergency e-Visa is processed in 2 Hours 

After completing the above section, you will see some more sections which include steps. Follow them till the end and provide accurate information every time. 

Moving on to the last step process, you are required to pay the amount of the fee for your e-Visa. You can make your payment via PayPal, Credit Card, or Debit Card.

After you make the payment, your evisa will be on your email as per the processing time.

If you feel any doubt regarding the application process, just don’t hesitate and contact us. Our team member will contact you soon and help you resolve any query.

Happy & Safe Travelling!!