Using Textures & Patterns for Offices

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An office environment can benefit greatly with the right design of space. The design should include colors, textures, and patterns that help to enhance the mood of the workers and employees. The decor should help in making the work efficient. Having decided the colors of the office space, one should also consider the texture and pattern for interiors as well as exteriors.

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Importance of texture in the workspace

The texture is referred to as the surface quality of the walls in a room. Various types of textures can be used in an office space. The texture depends on the material used to create the surface and it also depends on how the paint is applied on the surface.

Concrete walls have a smooth texture that gives an industrial look to the office. The texture is enhanced by the usage of paints. Usage of different colors can give a completely different vibe to the room. Different textures can be applied on concrete walls to give special effects to the wall.

New textures are applied to give a striking effect to the walls. While light textures can give a soothing effect, strong textures can also be used to highlight the wall in a dramatic way.

Different materials can exude different energies. Wooden textures give an earthy feel to the atmosphere- making one feel more peaceful and calm. Metallic textures can give a luxurious feel to the office. It gives a rich feeling with a good amount of elegance. Glass materials are used for a classy vibe and making the office looks bright with reflective surfaces.

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Using patterns to enhance moods

Using the right colors and patterns can bring a great change in uplifting the mood of your workers. Boring walls in offices can have a very dampening effect on the energy levels in an office. It’s not enough if you paint all the walls in the conference room with a stark grey. You should enhance the space with some form of art to have a positive effect.

Having patterns on the walls can be a great way to upgrade the office decor. Geometric patterns are generally very popular because of their simplicity and dynamicity. Multiple colors can be added for an exuberant effect. Depending on the functionality, you may use other patterns as well. You may use design motifs or wall arts to give a creative edge to space.

Just like textures, patterns can have a great effect in uplifting efficiency in space. It can change the mood of the space. Patterns should be chosen wisely so that they can align the concentration for workers. Wrongly used patterns can be very distracting and annoying. Colors should be used appropriately to create the right balance in the workspace.

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Textures and patterns can positively define the type of your workspace. They can make it engaging and full of energy. They can also attract more business by attracting customers. 

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