Utopia Review: Gillian Flynn’s Thriller Will Give You A Rollercoaster Ride

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‘Utopia Review’: Gillan Flynn’s remake comic-book thriller for Amazon Prime Video is for those who love conspiracies and suspense. Utopia is a series that tells the story of the group of people which is United’s overall because of the interest of comics.


Utopia 2020 show has shown everything which the audience wanted to see. The mystery to the pandemic to motivation with full of suspense. Utopia is a remake of an American web TV series adapted from the 2013 British show. It was telecast on Channel 4 in 2013 with the same name.

It is a series that tells the story of the group of people which is United’s overall because of the interest of comics. This movie has been created by Gone Girl’s writer Gillian Flynn and we have to accept that his writing style is different from others. The main star is John Cusack because of which all fans are very excited. There are 8 episodes on the series which you can watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Utopia 2020 show has shown everything which the audience wanted to see – Mistery to the pandemic to motivation. Utopia gets barbaric, emotional, realistic, and dramatic. The new version of Utopia has been long-awaited, or at least long-talked about. So let’s check it Utopia review.


Utopia Plot

Utopia is a series that tells the story of the group of people which is United’s overall because of the interest of comics. In the plot, everyone loves comics which is named Utopia experiments. And they somehow get the original manuscripts in which a pandemic is predicted. After the advancements, behind them goes a shadowy deep state organization that wants to capture them. So this group escapes from the organization with the hide and suspense game.

The Utopia series has its own separate fan base.

The pacing of the movie is just like a rollercoaster ride as it sometimes makes you high and sometimes you feel low. Utopia 2020 show starts with a scene where some people are doing chat but after that, the drama begins which is really unexpected and long. This show will be going to blow your mind.

At every moment their characters are seen doing spoofing and a conspiracy must be taking place, around that character must be researching, all these things have been managed so well within the movie. As soon as you dive into its story plot it will take you on another journey.

The first episode is ok but from the second episode, things become unpredictable as you will think everything is happening good but actually it wasn’t.


❛❛Utopia gets a mystery to the pandemic to motivation. The audience will get amazing twists and turns.❜❜

Talking about the characters, you gonna love Alice (Farrah Mackenzie), Ian (Dan Byrd), and Wilson (Desmin Borges). Ian was shown very much panicked and Alice was the smartest in the movie. The things they were doing throughout the show is just insane. Even Dr. Kevin Christie (John Cusack) and Wilson is the smartest in the show but by gaining too much attention.

If we talk about the acting then the characters acting in this film is slightly up and down. Some actors have done excellent acting and some are left mediocre. But the overall standard is maintained in the movie. You will be love what Arby (Christopher Denham) and Rod (Michael B. Woods) are doing within the movie.

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In the last episode, there is a Harry Potter recreation scene, after watching that scene you will definitely agree that the CGI works have been done in an excellent manner in the show.

In this film, you will not able to see much of the character development maybe the reason is its fewer episodes.

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Is the Utopia Remake is better than the original one or not?

The writing of the film is good but it not like the original Utopia TV show but yes the Utopia 2020 series has a good storyline and suspense. You will see some light-hearted changes on the show. Something is boring at some scenes but the rest of the scenes are very well managed.

The most interesting thing is that the series will not boor you at all. Throughout this show, you will be connected to the show and it gives you a full depth story. There are some blood gore and violent scenes as obviously it’s not made for kids.

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Our Opinion

Releasing this series in the time of pandemic is perfect because the audience also able to relate with this movie as the audience also facing a COVID 19 pandemic. The story of this film starts in a faded manner, but later it has been developed very well.

Amazon Prime Video’s latest TV series Utopia 2020 movie will keep you at the edge of your seat as it takes you through a world baffled by a pandemic and rough times. The arrangement could appear to be alarming to certain watchers, maybe in light of the fact that it reflects numerous scenes that are predominant on the planet today.

It is an absolute watch from our side who loves films about conspiracies and full of suspense.

Hope you liked our Utopia review!