Ways to Enhance Your Vocabulary

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Written By Berry Mathew

Parents would do everything in their power to support their child and see them do well in school. One way to do this is to ensure they are equipped with strong vocabulary skills since it is the foundation of all communication skills – reading, writing, speaking, etc.

Why is vocabulary important?

  • In reading, children who have a solid vocabulary foundation are more likely to find reading an enjoyable experience. Those who have to constantly search up the meaning of words might feel disheartened to read or simply give up.
  • Creative writing requires painting a picture using words. When a child is equipped with strong vocabulary, it will be easier for them to create a literary masterpiece as words flow more smoothly.
  • Children with strong vocabulary are more likely to grow eloquent. It will be easier for them to convey their ideas and influence others because of their amazing vocabulary skills. 

Communication is key to success. Whether you’re networking, presenting a pitch to a client, or simply in a social gathering, having strong communication skills can get you to places and vocabulary is a big part of being able to communicate effectively. 

How to help my child’s vocabulary development?

You can check out KidSmart and access a wide array of resources made available to support your child’s vocabulary development.

KidSmart offers:

  1. Vocabulary app module which includes 11 Plus Vocabulary flashcards to help your child learn new words daily. Here is a good chance for your child to improve his or her vocabulary skills. They’ll be able to develop a deep understanding of essential words and phrases and unlock the meaning of those words they don’t understand.
  2. 11 Plus Vocabulary Games that are fun and interactive with the goal to improve your child’s skills in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. KidSmart designed these games to make the learning experience more enjoyable for students.
  3. Vocabulary tutor-led workout courses with teachers who are willing to guide students and address their learning needs. These workout courses can also be beneficial in assessing students to identify the level they’re in and help them out through other concerns. 
  4. Vocabulary self-paced online courses that include 11 Plus Vocabulary Worksheets that students can work on at their own pace. These worksheets can further help your child prepare for the 11 Plus exam. 

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In KidSmart, you get the complete package. You will no longer have to search the internet for additional resources because they have everything you need from specialized tutors, online games, 11 plus practice papers and examples, as well as other resources for creative writing. 

Baljeet Dogra, CEO and founder of KidSmart, believes that vocabulary building is a process that takes time. 

The workout courses are fast-paced courses that intend to cover hundreds of words with hundreds of exercises. This is not the course for slow-paced learners but a dose of workout courses can give a mega boost to the glossary of words in your toolbox.”

Like any skill you want to learn in life, it takes constant practice. KidSmart’s resources are extremely beneficial in helping your child’s vocabulary development through mental exercise!

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