Ways To Make Your Exterior Reflect Your Interior

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Written By Berry Mathew

The inside of your home is always sparkling clean, and you’ve put the finishing touches on all of the rooms. Yet you don’t feel as though the curb appeal of the property matches up with the inside. Taking steps to ensure that the exterior and interior work together help to provide cohesion to your home.

Start with the Basics

Not only do you want people to look at the garden with delight, but you also want the actual structure of the house to represent your tastes and style. We recommend a new roof for both safety and aesthetic reasons. While you’re taking care of the house’s roof, you can also look into new siding to match. When the job is complete, the shell will match with the interior.


Having mangled shrubs and wild grass detracts from the curb appeal of the house. Make it your mission to start over with these tasks this season. Whether you do a complete yard overhaul by yourself or hire a professional landscaping company is your call. Once the base work has been completed, considering putting some outdoor furniture and planting some beautiful flowers or starting your own vegetable garden to really channel that connection with nature and the outside world.

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Cement Issues

When you have cracks, holes, dents and the like in the cement around your house, the aesthetics are unappealing. However, more importantly, you have safety issues lurking. Take the time this year to redo the driveway or to take care of the cracked pavement in the backyard. This is another job that some people are able to do themselves, but you can really benefit from having a professional come in to assess your needs.

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Fix the Fence

Driving up to your house each day, the fence is one of the very first things that you see. When it starts to get old, the curb appeal of your house begins to go down. Fences can start to wear away from age, or they could become damaged from foul weather or a car accident. You may simply want to replace your old fence with a more modern style, or you may wish to have a higher or lower fence than the one that you already have.

All of these personal decisions that you can make when it comes to the exterior of your house allow you to be both an interior and exterior designer for your home.