What Are Plastic Washers?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Plastic washers provide an alternative to traditional metal washers. Since they’re made from different materials, they offer a different set of benefits that you won’t get from metal fasteners. Ordering plastic washers online is a breeze–all you have to do is choose the washers that you need and select a quote. In no time, you’ll have a stash of plastic flat washers that you can use for your next project.

Plastic washers aren’t necessarily interchangeable with metal washers–some projects call for one fastener over the other. However, it’s important for contractors to keep plastic washers on hand so they don’t have to make a last-minute shopping trip. Here’s what you need to know before you order your plastic washers today.

What Makes Plastic Washers Different From Metal Washers?

Once you’ve used black plastic washers, you’ll find that they’re useful for a variety of projects. Here’s why plastic washers might be the best option for your next project.

Cost Effective

Plastic washers are made from lightweight, affordable materials like nylon. As a result, they’re much cheaper than metal washers. If the project calls for it, stocking up on plastic washers could help you complete the project under budget.


Unless they’re galvanized, metal washers can rust and corrode over time. Plastic washers are resistant to corrosion even when they’re exposed to harsh chemicals or environments. They’re not invulnerable in every situation, but they can last longer than metal washers and withstand environments that metal washers can’t tolerate.


Plastic washers compress under pressure, allowing them to seal off the material that they’re attached to. They also offer more insulation compared to metal washers.


Unlike metal washers, plastic washers don’t conduct electricity. They also don’t spark, making them ideal for places where they might be exposed to fire or electricity.

What Are Washers Used For?

Washers distribute the load across a wider surface area to keep the bolt in place. Without washers, bolts could unscrew or slide out of the structure, causing serious damage or even a structural collapse. Contractors first attach the washer to the bolt, then the nut to secure the fastener.

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What Is Delrin Plastic?

Most of the washers in our inventory are made from nylon, but we offer a selection of Delrin plastic washers. Delrin is resistant to moisture, chemicals and harsh temperatures, making it one of the strongest plastic products on the market. Delrin plastic is also stiff, durable and guaranteed to have a long lifespan. With Delrin washers, you’ll enjoy minimal maintenance.

Delrin plastic is so durable that it’s also used for gears, medical devices, conveyor belts, safety restraints, skiing gear and other pieces of equipment. Factories, healthcare facilities and auto manufacturers use Delrin plastic for maximum strength and durability. We carry a variety of Delrin washers in different sizes and thicknesses.

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Can You Order Plastic Washers Online?

Absolutely! Superior Washer and Gasket Corp. sells hundreds of plastic washers with different thicknesses and materials. Most of our washers are made from nylon, but we sell Delrin washers if you prefer that type of plastic. Use the drop-down box to sort our washers by name, price, thickness, ID or OD. Once you’ve found the right washers for your project, add them to your list and submit your request for a price quote.

At Superior Washer and Gasket Corp., we can manufacture hundreds or thousands of washers upon request. We’ve been in this industry for decades, giving us the experience that we need to provide an affordable, high-quality product. Requesting a quote is free, so submit your request today and decide whether Superior Washer and Gasket Corp. is the best company for your project needs.