What are the Kinds of amenities configured for coworking space?

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The rise of coworking spaces is a good indication. It means many organizations are deciding to work from a professional space but stay away from the overheads, are more willing to network and collaborate and are now choosing to work from agile coworking areas as it offers customized managed office space for rent as compared to traditional office space. Coworking space not only offers a place to work but also provides extra benefits which are exclusive for the members of that working space. However, before leasing office space from a coworking space provider, work out what exactly you are looking for. Distractions will be there but selecting the right set up will ease the journey and not affect the company environment.

When setting up your coworking space, you want to make sure that you add the proper coworking amenities. Whether you have an ideal coworking space or a bigger coworking company, you must include a few basic amenities.

As you plan your business, here are some top amenities of coworking spaces:

  1. Access Control

The basic parts of coworking spaces are Access control systems since it provides security and makes it possible for employees to get in & out. Compared to other access systems, an access control system is much more convenient since you do not need a receptionist or security guard constantly monitoring who enters. The best choices can even be controlled with a Smartphone for seamless access and no need to carry extra items.

  1. Finding Your Spot

A shared space allows a person to walk around the workspace to find the best areas for you. At different times of the day, your mood might be different and changing spots might enhance your productivity. Experimenting with different corners at work, you will find the finest spots for yourself. Coworking space in Bangalore is great for employees who like to move around while working. 

  1. Wireless and Wired Internet

It should go without saying that you cannot have a coworking space without providing employees a high speed internet. Be sure to include both wireless and wired options to plead to a range of members, as a traditional Office does.

  1. Phone and Meeting Rooms

To maximize productivity and usefulness for employees, every coworking space should have a place to hold a meeting or make a phone or video call as part of their design. These are difficult parts of any space and are extremely common. You can find this amenity almost everywhere, including at Impact centre.

  1. Flexibility

Coworking is all about being flexible. You can choose the day/date and time of your work and get there, it’s that simple! Leasing office space from an agile workplace offers you the chance to take charge of your own work day without the problem of owning an office. It’s mostly one less key to worry about!

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  1. Place to Learn

The working surroundings in a coworking office space  allow for interactions with members with a different mindset, skills, and knowledge. This can improve a person’s outlook and provide a learning opportunity to either up-skill themselves or improve their own productivity.

  1. Mental Wellbeing Rooms

Working in shared office space is a way to meet new people and grow your own network.  It helps in avoiding loneliness, improving soft skills, and many coworking spaces also offer different self-improving workshops which can help in improving your productivity. Many people will feel more productive if they can take a quick nap in the middle of the work, so consider including a space for this among your coworking amenities. Consider something space-saving, like the nap pods start at Journey Coworking.

  1. Great Staff

No matter the other facilities you offer in your coworking space, be sure not fail to see the importance of having a great staff in place, like that at We Work. If your team is friendly and knowledgeable, then you will find it much easier to attract employees. Many experts indicate that coworking spaces that recognize they are part of the service and hire accordingly have the best employee’s life cycles.

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  1. Snacks and Beverages

Each and every successful coworking space should try to keep at least some snack item on hand, and you can make this as simple as you wish. Keep fresh fruit, some bags of chips, Dry fruits, cookies and other individually sized snacks. Locally roasted coffee is a lovely way to support local companies. Consider increasing your offerings to include organic tea or even fresh juice.

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  1. Yoga

Offering yoga at working space is a growing trend nowadays, as this is an enjoyable way for employees to relax and take a break from their work day. Some places, like Primary, even offer other fitness classes; you should likely include showers and changing facilities also.

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