What Can I Do With A Fashion Design Degree?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Fashion Designing: 

Fashion Designing is an art that involves ideating, designing and crafting clothing, tailor-made apparel, handbags, footwear, other lifestyle accessories, etc. Fashion Designer must have a pulse of the current fashion trends, techniques, technologies, consumer preferences, fabrics, materials, markets as well as social-cultural trends.

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Responsibilities of Fashion Designer:

  • Market Research: Researching consumer tastes, preferences, trends & styles, techniques, materials, fabrics, etc. along with attending various fashion shows, trade shows, and meeting other designers and manufacturers will inspire you to visualize the unique collection that your customers will wait for. 
  • Ideation: Fashion Designer understands the client’s requirement and accordingly conceives designs. He collaborates with various teams and is responsible to bring alive his creative blueprint and its final production. Not only this, he needs to ideate and present relevant themes as per season and customer preferences. 
  • Sketching & Designing: Basis the client brief, the fashion designer sketches his designs concepts for initial discussions. Once he gets a go-ahead on his basic thought process, he uses computer-aided design tools (CAD) to create a blueprint showcasing his designs using appropriate textures and colors, etc. for final approval. Post which the design will go into prototyping. 
  • Selecting materials: Basis the style, his design concept, sustainability, and the socio-cultural trend, the fashion designer selects the appropriate material (fabric), colour, pattern, and texture. 
  • He collaborates with technical designers and other stakeholders to ensure continuity as well as design accuracy.
  • Producing prototypes: On finalization of CAD design and apt materials, the fashion designer is responsible for the creation of prototypes so as to check the fitting, dress flow, etc. 
  •  Marketing & Sales: In order to ensure success and demand, fashion designer markets their designs to buyers utilizing fashion shows, mood boards, colour boards as well as samples. He is even involved with the financial team to recommend pricing for the entire range.  
  • He is also responsible to build as well as maintain relationships with varied stakeholders-vendors, buyers, suppliers, and models 

Since he is responsible for so many functions, hence the completion of the Fashion Designing Course will ensure that students get opportunities in these respective areas. 


The Fashion Designing courses in Bangalore will open the following career profiles: 

    • Fashion Designer: Fashion Designers are artists who specialize in one of the areas of design-accessories, clothing (children wear, sportswear, Haute Couture Fashion, etc.) or footwear.
    • Textile Designer: He is responsible for making a design or pattern for knitted, woven, or printed fabrics in textile and fabric manufacturing units. He must have a good eye for colour, patterns & texture. He can specialize in either textile for interiors or fashion. 
    • Retail Buyer: Basis the market trends, customer preferences, the Retail Buyer ensures sourcing of apt products at appropriate prices, thus making sure of profitability. 
  • Stylist: Their work involves selecting the appropriate wardrobe for celebrities, fashion shows, photoshoots, picking the apt fabric, accessories, hairstyle, etc. 

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Besides this, Bangalore is the hub of top garment-textile companies, hence offering huge employment opportunities. So do not waste your precious time and hop on to a fashion designing course in Bangalore.    


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