What Is A Weed Pen?

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A weed pen is a device designed to vaporize cannabis or other weeds. It is a handheld pen-structured device containing a cartridge to fill the oil and battery for charging. People who prefer to vape instead of smoking weed can choose a weed pen for convenience.  

Now understand how these weed pens are made, their uses, and the liquids and cartridges used to make these convenient for weed consumers.

Let’s Know Some History!

In ancient times, Egyptians used hot stones to consume vapors of heated herbs. Nowadays, it is commonly known to be hookah, and the water pipe has had its roots for thousands of years. 

Gradually people started using different devices to consume weeds. In 2003 a Chinese pharmacist tried to vapourize all nicotine liquid through a cigarette look-a-like device and invented an e-cigarette. 

Fast forward to today, weed pens have become a desirable choice to consume cannabis oil or others; these use tiny heaters to vaporize liquids.

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Anatomy of A Weed Pen


It is made up of steel, glass & plastic and acts as a container to fill the cannabis oil and other concentrates. It is reusable and easily removed after use.


It is used to charge the device’s battery which stores energy for later use. 


It is a small coil that is a heating element and helps to convert e-liquid into tiny airborne droplets (aerosol).

510 Threads

It is the count and size of metal threads present in the screw attachment between the rechargeable battery and the atomizer. This comes in an industry-dominant size inserted between vape cartridges and attached batteries.  

USB Charge Port

These ports allow USB devices to connect with each other and transfer digital data through USB cables. It can also supply electric power if needed.

Internal Battery

These are small devices inbuilt under the pen to provide electric power and are easily changeable.  

Battery Life Indicator 

Battery life indicators display the battery life. It locates the timing and how much power is exhausted. 

Power Button

It is placed to switch on the device and to turn it off. 

Charging Cable

It connects the device to a charging socket to provide power or charge the battery.


This is placed at the starting part of the device to inhale the vapor.

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Steps To Fill The Weed Pen

  1. Firstly, you’ll need a syringe containing cannabis oil or any other weed material and an empty oil cart.
  2. Make a circular motion and slowly insert oil into the cart. Don’t try to fill it by center only.
  3. Fill the cartridge in order to cover all holes located outside the coil.
  4. You have to wait for at least 30 minutes; the cartridge will take this much time to set and soak completely through all wicks.  

How Is Weed Pen Convenient?

  • These pens are designed in a manner that carrying a few cartridges will be enough to consume weed. Cartridges are easy to refill and changeable, taking up minimal space in the device.
  • It is less noticeable as weed pens do not emit concentrated smoke, unlike cigarettes. Tobacco smokers generally use these pens, and the smell is considerably less pungent than the smell of burning herbs.
  • Weed pens do not heat the marijuana or cannabis to the level of combustion. Hence, it does not produce toxins. Combusting cannabis can emit 100x toxins vapors that are much more harmful to inhale. 
  • As cartridges are disposable, this makes the device clean and hygienic. Also, there is no extra disposal of any waste, ashes, and smoke; rather, it produces water vapors. 

What Are The Chemicals Used In Weed Liquid?

  • Acrolein: A reactive aldehyde produced from the heating up and combustion of tobacco.
  • Nicotine: A drug that stimulates and speeds up the channelizing of messages throughout the body from the brain. It is present in every tobacco product. Although pens do not use dried tobacco leaves still, it contains nicotine.
  • Propylene Glycol: A chemical included in vape liquids to add flavors & nicotine. It is heated up in weed pens or vapes to produce aerosols without any combustion process.
  • Carcinogens: These include acetaldehyde and formaldehyde present in tobacco smoke.
  • Benzene: A colorless volatile liquid used in chemical synthesis. Benzene is one of the significant parts of gasoline. This is why it is used in making plastics, detergents, pesticides, and lubricants. 
  • Diethylene Glycol: A liquid used as a solvent and antifreeze agent. It is derived from ethylene glycol and triethylene glycol.
  • Cadmium: Marijuana users have higher blood cadmium. Marijuana plants take high levels of cadmium and metals from the soil itself while growing. 

Common Concentrates for Weed Pen:

Distillate Liquids

Oils are extracted from complex extraction processes that are more distilled cannabinoids. Due to these processes, distillation produces yields with high purity percentage of approximately 99%. However, terpenes and other compounds are stripped away in the process, at the end, these again infused back to get the taste and compressibility. 

Live Rosin

Freshly frozen plants pass through heat and pressure in order to extract concentrated oil; this makes it solventless and preferred by health-conscious cannabis consumers.


Cartridges contain levels of CBD Cannabidiol oil and THC oil in the ratio of 2:1. This oil is used for anxiety and neurological disorders. 

Full-Spectrum Extract

Cartridges including full-spectrum extracts containing CBD, THC, and other cannabinoid compounds work together to provide holistic experiences to weed consumers.

Cannabis Oils

It provides cannabinoid to the skin, tissues, and muscles. Cannabis topicals have the potential to change the signal of any ache or skin condition in the body and are also available in gel & lotion forms. 

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