What Is NICE VoIP Call Recording?

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With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), people can make calls when they don’t have access to a regular phone line. Nice VoIP call recording takes it a step further by allowing people to record their VoIP audio. This technology is essential for emergency situations and transmissions that require a call log. Market Communications offers NICE recording products that power some of the world’s major call centers.

Nice call recording for emergency situations serves a variety of functions, including making call logs and ensuring employee compliance. Learn more about NICE call recording if you need to upgrade your system or introduce the software into your business.

What Is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) transmits calls through a broadband Internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. While some VoIP services only connect with other VoIP lines, others allow you to call anyone. VoIP allows you to make calls from a VoIP phone, regular phone or computer with a broadband connection.

Some businesses prefer VoIP because they only have to pay for broadband Internet instead of an Internet connection and a phone line. You might even be able to get VoIP for free from select services. VoIP also allows people to call directly from their computer, which is helpful if they’re working on a project.

Depending on the service, your VoIP provider might allow international or long-distance calls. However, you might have to pay an extra fee for non-local calls. Other disadvantages can include the fact that it’s hard to find other VoIP numbers in your area. Unlike regular phone numbers, VoIP services don’t always have directory listings.

What Is NICE Call Recording?

With NICE software, businesses can record VoIP calls. NICE call recording is essential for businesses that need a call log so they can refer to their calls later. Nice software is so powerful that over 20,000 companies worldwide have invested in this service. Public Safety communications often use NICE to record emergency calls and review them later.

Market Communications offers multiple NICE products to meet your company’s individual needs. Here’s a rundown of the products that we sell directly to companies.

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NICE Compliance Recording

NICE Compliance Recording records every VoIP call that your company makes. This allows you to review the calls and ensure that your employees have met your rules and compliance standards. For certain industries, NICE Compliance Recording allows them to ensure that they’re meeting global rules and regulations. You can customize this software to make it suitable for your particular business.

NTR/NPR Recording

NTR/NPR Recording makes it easy to retrieve your call logs through a computer. You’ll pull up the program through a web browser, then replay the call and view relevant information about the event. You can synchronize this software with other products like NICE Distributed Recording.

NTR Fusion

NTR Fusion allows you to search your call logs and retrieve relevant results, then replay each call instantly. This software is essential for large companies with hundreds or thousands of employees. You can group users in the software to make it easier to find your call logs.

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How Do You Buy NICE Software From Market Communications?

When you want to order a piece of software, hit the “Add to Quote” button. Click “View Quote List” when you’re ready to review your list, then provide your personal information and place your request. We’ll get back to you with a price quote for your order. If the quote looks suitable, we’ll help you start the purchase process. You can order new software to install in your office, or upgrade your software with one of our NICE products. Either way, get in touch with us any time if you have questions.