What Qualities should an Effective Team Show?

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Written By Berry Mathew

A company can have all the money, branding, and marketing it needs – but without a good team, it won’t go far.

As you evaluate your current team and consider new talent acquisition, keep in mind some of these top qualities that an effective team should have.


This works in two ways: a team will show commitment to the company as a whole, but also a commitment to each other.

Team players will give time and energy to a cause or task they believe in. They’ll also devote that same effort to a leadership they have faith in.

This commitment comes about genuinely, done without any conditions needing to be met or specific out-of-the-norm expectations.


A good team knows to expect changes and how to adapt to them accordingly. Though specific plans may be set in place, one change (whether major or minor) won’t totally ruin things.

The team should have the ability to reevaluate and pivot in a cohesive way.

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Their purpose is clear.

From the onset the team should have a clear goal or purpose in mind. They should all be intimately familiar with what their mission is and how they are going to achieve it.

Civilized Disagreement

When you have a large group of people working together, opinions will differ. What matters is how that is handled.

It’s ok (and even sometimes beneficial!) to have disagreements on a team, as long as they are handled in a way that’s respectful and productive.

A team that can talk about different viewpoints in a calm manner is a good one.


With so many hands in one project, communication is a must. Teams must be open with each other to address questions and problems and come up with solutions.

Additionally, a good team will be able to effectively communicate with other teams or the company at large.

Shared Leadership

While it is good to appoint a leading role, it’s not always the best to have that person be in charge all the time.

A good team will rotate leadership positions to the person who it suits most given the task. 

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An effective team will have members with skills that run the gamut. These skills will complement each other to form a cohesive unit that works toward the larger goal. 

Ability to Assess

Once a task is done, the job is not over. An effective team will take a hard look at how the job was done from start to finish. They will note what went well and what didn’t, and utilize that knowledge to better inform them of the way they do things moving forward.

Risk Support

Sometimes a big risk will pay off, but it’s hard to take it if you don’t feel you have the support of your teammates to do so.

Experimentation in processes is a good way to make progress and foster innovation as a team.


Teams should accept responsibility as a unit as well as individuals. Doing this builds trust within the team and with the company.

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